Adam Carolla Divorce: What’s The Reason Behind Their Failed Marriage?

Adam Carolla’s Divorce Despite being married for 19 years, Adam Carolla and Lynette are divorced. Carolla revealed the breakup in a podcast episode of “The Adam Carolla Show” on Friday. We’re going to start the show with some unfortunate private news: Lynette and I are divorcing, he announced.

“Lynette and I are the reason for this divorce,” Adam continued, “so this was not something I intended to get or do.” “Not everyone chooses divorce voluntarily.” They married in 2002 after six years of dating. Natalia and Santino “Sonny” Carolla, their 14-year-old twins, are their only children.

Adam Carolla Divorce
Adam Carolla Divorce

Carolla reported a “separation for a few months” between them. He acknowledged that “it’s difficult,” but emphasized that “the kids come first, and they always have.” Why did the couple decide to split up? We’ve been married for 25 years, but we’re very different people with very different philosophies, he admits.

It’s really just two people who were so dissimilar in their processes and outlooks on life that they couldn’t connect somewhere in the middle. It’s not a big deal. Cheating, chronic gambling, or COVID were all possibilities. It is not a pattern of cheating. There are only two of us.

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The Couple’s Been Separated For 2 Years

Adam filed for divorce in May 2021, as previously reported, and his ex-wife claims they have been separated since April 2019. Lynette does not say whether she wants child support for her children, but since she wants a 50/50 custody split, child support would be calculated automatically based on the couple’s monthly income.

Lynette also mentions in her response that she “will list and itemize any and all separate assets and debts” and all “community and/or quasi-community assets and debts” when the time comes to hash out a potential divorce settlement. Not to mention, Lynette is requesting that Adam pay for all of her legal fees associated with this case.

On his podcast ‘The Adam Carolla Show,’ the 58-year-old star revealed the heartbreaking family news, saying it was “not something he wanted to do.”

Adam Carolla Jokes About His Wife’s Reaction To Their Divorce

“We’ll begin the show with some sad personal news. Lynette and I are separating “He stated. Adding, “It’s not something I wanted to get or do; I’m a divorcee, and Lynette is a divorcee… Nobody chooses to get divorced.”

He confirmed the couple’s relationship “separated for a few months” and “It’s difficult. The children have always come first. They’re doing quite well.” In fact, he made light of the situation, saying, “Some say it’s too much, but I wanted a little devastation. “I didn’t get much destruction.” Carolla and Lynette married in September 2002, after dating for only six months.

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Adam continued,  “It’s been a difficult time. We’ve been together for 25 years, we’re very different human beings, and we have different sets of philosophies, that’s for sure. It’s not an event, it’s not somebody was cheating, it’s not chronic gambling or COVID, it’s really just two people that were just that different and just had completely different processes and approaches to life and just couldn’t meet in the middle somewhere.

New York Post Tweet from their official Twitter handle with a caption on it ( Adam Carolla dating Standup Crystal Denha after divorce). You can see the Tweet below.

It’s hard, it’s a weird thing. Everyone gets divorced—or a lot of people get divorced—but it just never was in my cards. I guess I didn’t have it as an option. My thing was like, whatever isn’t working, we’ll make it work. But ultimately, if you can’t make it work then it’s probably for the good, so I’m in a pretty good place.”

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