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Aharen san wa Hakarenai 02 – XYZ

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai – 02 – XYZ

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai – 02 – XYZ

Although Raidou and Aharen’s relationship continues to be strong and easygoing, Aharen suffers from a lack of communication and distance. While he may think Aharen was fighting some toughs on the streets, she had just gotten something in her eye and didn’t even know it at the time. Although she, like me, is hopeless at administering eyedrops, I enjoyed how difficult it was for Raidou to administer the drops and how quickly Aharen retaliates when she accidentally gets something in hers.

Regarding the feeling that he and Aharen are being watched and followed, Raidou’s imagination also runs wild. His little sister is his primary target, and he sees himself as a “monster” because of the petty offenses he has committed against others. He’s a complete slob.

However, compared to Ooshiro Mitsuki, Aharen’s towering childhood friend, he’s a mere speck on the horizon. Aharen, whom she refers to as Reina, is her primary concern, but she is also frightened of Raidou and keeps a safe distance. In the face of Aharen’s claims that he is neither scary nor bad, Mitsuki is unable to shake her preconception. Besides the “Pecorine on caffeine” mode, MAO also voices Mitsuki.

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai – 02 – XYZ

While wearing a mask due to the mild cold, Aharen cannot properly inform Raidou that his fly is all the fuck open, exposing his pink strawberry print boxers. While Raidou is ignoring Aharen’s warnings, Aharen’s reaction is equally impressive. Her clever ways to keep others from seeing his crotch are, on the other hand, impressive.

On the way home from a long day of failure, Aharen places herself in front of him so that he doesn’t have to deal with being embarrassed by her presence. When he sees the two of them in the mirror and realizes she’s been trying to get his attention, it seems like he’s finally getting it…only for him to think Aharen got a haircut.

The first episode to feature just Aharen and Mitsuki will follow next. Despite Raidou’s absence, Mitsuki is wary of getting too close to Aharen for fear of being yelled at, scolded, or even smacked in the head with a stick (again). While it’s still drizzly outside, Mitsuki keeps attempting to secretly lend Aharen her umbrella, only for Aharen to believe that the umbrella is cursed and lock it up in front of a hastily-constructed shrine. In the end, Aharen gives Mitsuki her umbrella as a token of her gratitude for watching out for her.

The post-credits scene is brief but sweet, with Raidou challenging Aharen to a game of Reversi (AKA Othello). While he claims to be “Raidou Family Champion,” he loses to Aharen, who has the aura of a lion around her. Afterward, he gets her to admit that she let him win, insists that she fight him with all her might, and she thrashes him…twice!

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