Angel Brinks Net Worth:How Many Kids Does Angel Brinks Have?

Angel Brinks Net Worth. Is Angel still With Rockstar? Reality TV actress and aspiring designer Angel Brinks hails from the United States. She is currently the CEO of the Angel Brinks corporation. Because of her role on “Basketball Wives LA” on VH1, Brinks has gained widespread recognition.


What Is Angel Brinks’s Net Worth and His Monthly Salary?

Angel Brinks is a successful businesswoman who sprang to fame in 2014 when she joined the cast of the MTV reality series Basketball Wives LA. By 2023, she will have amassed a net worth of almost $500,000. It took a lot of guts for her to start her own line of garments. Here we will investigate her private life.

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Despite her appearance on Basketball Wives LA, she was never a significant role, and surprisingly little is known about her personal life. Tyreke Evans’s ex-girlfriend is Brinks. Evans plays basketball. During their time together, they were able to start a family. Her actual age and date of birth are unknown.

Angel Brinks is the proprietor of an e-commerce site from which she sells apparel, primarily dresses, and bodysuits. The lovely hourglass shape that Brinks possesses is nicely accentuated. Angel has a small waist, generous breasts, and full hips.

Her wealth is bolstered by other means as well. Angel Brinks contributes as an occasional columnist to the Las Vegas Sun. Her whereabouts after her breakup with Tyreke remain unknown. In 2023, she may no longer be dating anyone.

Furthermore, the angel has 1.5 million followers and is a prominent social media personality. This has resulted in a steady increase in the number of endorsement deals she receives. The salary for Angel Brinks has increased to roughly $50,000 per year.

Angel Brink Relationship

In 2007, Angels Brink gave birth to her first son and her first husband committed suicide. In addition, the Angels fell in love with NBA player Tyreke Evans in 2010. Amani, the couple’s daughter, was born. However, the pair split up in 2015. After that, speculation arose that Angel Brinks had an affair with Serena Williams’ ex-boyfriend; however, this now appears to be unfounded.

Angel Brink Relationship
A lot of different people have dated Angel Brinks. She had a short marriage to a mysterious man. Before getting married to her ex-husband, she apparently worked as an escort for money to gratify him. Brinks’s ex-husband committed suicide while she was nine months pregnant. After the death of her husband, who was kept secret, she gave birth to a son. Azari Marquis is the name Brinks gave her son.

After breaking up with Evans, Brinks moved on to another famous basketball player, Tyreke Evans. She got pregnant while dating Tyreke and had a baby girl in 2014. Amani was chosen as the name for the couple’s daughter. Tyreke and Brinks dated for a while but eventually broke up due to misunderstandings. As of 2021, she was rumored to be dating actor and producer Jackie Long.

On October 19, 2021, Brinks announced her pregnancy via her official Instagram account. She also announced the impending arrival of her child through an Instagram post. She did not, however, reveal any information about the paternity of the child. As it was revealed that Brinks had formerly worked as a professional prostitute in Las Vegas, she became embroiled in a heated debate.

Angel Brink Career

Her interest in fashion grew as a result. She has a long history of performing as a dancer, and at one time in her career, she even danced as Jennifer Lopez’s backup. After reviewing her performance wardrobe, she was motivated to design her own one-of-a-kind garments. They introduced her namesake clothing line in 2010.

Angel Brinks Fashion, a brand that has been around for 11 years, now sells everything from leggings to denim to coats for women. Angel’s outfits are the epitome of glitz and self-assurance, radiating quality tailoring and an air of self-assurance. Angel Brinks Fashion designers post on their social media platforms.

These days, many famous people turn to fashion designers when they need new clothing. Included in this group are such celebrities as Trina, Black Chyna, Erica Mena, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj. Famous people have worn her creations to red-carpet events and award ceremonies.

Angel Brinks is now a well-known label that has been included in prestigious international fashion shows like New York Fashion Week and Facet Studio’s Fashion Show. Apart from Tyreke Evans, an NBA player for the Indiana Pacers, she became famous for her role on the reality show Basketball Wives: LA. Hence, she has amassed an enormous Instagram following of almost 1.5 million individuals.

Angel Brinks Basketball Wives

Angel Brink’s second husband is Tyreke Evans, a prominent NBA player, hence she was able to appear in the show. Angel Brinks was a formidable contender, and she showed up in Seasons 4, 5, and 10 of Basketball Wives: Los Angeles. After appearing on the show, Angel has amassed a global following of adoring followers. But, she eventually separated from her husband, Tyreke Evans. Angel Brinks Basketball Wives interviews are given below.

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