Ant Man 3 Disney Plus: When Can We Expect The OTT Platform To Host The Movie

Following a disappointing release update, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania may not be coming to Disney+ as soon as hoped. With the addition of the latest superhero blockbusters to the streamer, Disney+ made MCU content more accessible at home than ever before – though Black Panther: Wakanda Forever set a frustrating record on that front.

After Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania failed to gain the anticipated box office traction, the MCU threequel recently announced when it will be available for digital and physical purchase, with no Disney+ release in the works. Ant-Man 3 has already made MCU Disney+ history with a post-credits scene teasing a new variant of Jonathan Majors’ Kang based on Loki from Season 2. Let’s See if Ant 3 Disney Plus is possible Soon.


Ant-Man 3 Disney Plus May Not Happened For Some Time

The Wasp and Ant-Man Quantumania and the Disney Plus logo Marvel Studios and Disney have recently confirmed that Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will be available digitally on April 18, followed by a Blu-ray and 4K release on May 16. However, the home release marketing failed to mention when Ant-Man 3 will be available on Disney+, with the shrinking threequel being promoted explicitly as “ONLY on digital” on April 18 in a tweet from Marvel Studios.

As fans are waiting for the movie, many of them are talking and expressing their reactions and assumptions about it. Below we have given Tweet for you to see.

This is the first time a Marvel Studios film has been promoted with “ONLY on digital” language that does not mention the streaming service since the launch of Disney+ in 2019. Fans have grown accustomed to Marvel Studios advertising its digital and streaming releases concurrently, with both releasing on the same day. Disney appears to be reconsidering its current streaming release strategy, as Avatar: The Way of Water recently used a similar strategy in delaying the Disney+ marketing and release until after the digital and Blu-ray releases.

Ant Man 3 Disney Plus
Ant-Man 3 Disney Plus

Avatar 2 was finally released digitally on March 28, eleven days ago at the time of writing, and has yet to announce its Blu-ray or Disney+ release dates – even though the service was recently updated with its spec details. Many fans also search Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Mandalorian? Potential Release Date, Cast, And Plot.

Is Disney Rethinking Its Ant-man 3 Home Release Strategy?

Between Avatar 2 and Ant-Man 3, two major Disney films have failed to include a streaming date in their initial home release marketing. This comes after almost every Disney film has featured Disney+ in its home release announcements and marketing since the service’s inception. While Avatar 2 and Black Panther 2 had above-average theatrical-to-digital release windows, Ant-Man 3 is fairly standard for recent MCU films, coming in at 60 days. So, it doesn’t appear that Disney’s goal here is to extend its theatrical runs to increase box office potential.

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This could be a decision made by newly reinstated Disney CEO Bob Iger, who took over for fired predecessor Bob Chapek in November. Disney+ was central to Chapek’s content strategy, even going so far as to forego theatrical releases for most animated films in favor of a straight-to-streaming model. The release of movies for digital purchase and Disney+ streaming on the same day will likely hurt the House of Mouse’s PVOD sales. Perhaps, as Iger seeks to undo the damage done by Chapek, the return of having to wait for streaming releases is part of that effort.

It’s difficult to say when Ant-Man 3 will be available on Disney+, but it will most likely be after the threequel hits Blu-ray on May 16. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will be available digitally on April 18 before being released on Blu-ray on May 16.

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