Countdown to Beyoncé’s The Renaissance: Act I (Non-Leaked Version)

Days like these have been a long time coming. Days before Beyoncé reveals the title of her seventh studio album. She hasn’t released a solo album in six years. There were no cell phones, Obama was still in office, and Blue Ivy was just starting her career as Yoncé’s manager at that time. Lemonade was brimming with ideas about Black art and pregnancy, infidelity and the sorrow of forgiveness, and, most importantly, fits inspired by Julie Dash’s film Daughters of the Dust. In the years that followed, she gave birth to twins, astonished audiences with her 2018 Coachella performance in a concert video called Homecoming, and continued her custom of wishing famous people happy birthday.

As a result, we’ve passed through the gloomy Middle Ages and are now entering the era of the Renaissance. This period will be prosperous: Ahead of the album’s official release, Queen Elizabeth II announced in an open letter to her followers that the project would be divided into three sections.

Renaissance: Act I Officially Drops Friday, July 29, at Midnight. Leakers Beat Yoncé to It

Tidal, Beyonce’s husband’s music streaming service, unveiled the new album at 1:22 a.m. ET on June 16. When Beyoncé erased her social media profile pictures on June 9th, many assumed she was announcing a new album. Her “B7” teaser posts on her website soon after were mysterious and unpleasant (Beyoncé, I’m delicate, please don’t mess with me). In the search box of her website, the now-deleted posts appeared as placeholders for an album with the caption “B7.”

Despite what appeared to be flawless marketing, the album leaked on July 27, only two days before its scheduled release. Fan reaction to the tunes’ rapid proliferation on the internet has been mixed. For some reason, Beyonce’s fans decided to submit the bootlegs of her songs that had been leaked to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Hive inundated Twitter with tiny. URLs for her online store, directing would-be pirates who searched for leak-related terms there. Some fans decided to make a joke about the whole thing in a tweet.

What Does the Album Art Look Like?

Beyoncé’s caption for the album’s artwork, a reference to Bianca Jagger’s Studio 54 entrance on horseback, read: “Creating this album provided me a place to dream and find escape amid a dangerous moment for the globe.” At a time when little else was moving, it allowed me to feel free and adventurous. My goal was to establish a space that was free of fear and condemnation. A haven from the pressures of trying to be flawless all the time. One can shout, release tension, and find relief here. It was a wonderful adventure of discovery. I hope this music brings you joy. Let go of the wiggle, if you can. Ha! Beyoncé urges you to give up your work and your wiggle so that you can “feel as distinct, strong, and attractive as you are.”

How Many Tracks Are on Renaissance?

Apple Music’s page for the upcoming album appears to reveal a 16-track studio album, which has been discovered by keen-eyed fans. So, let’s hope we get some pussy-popping music or something where she’s upset as hell on songs one through four, seven, nine, and eleven through sixteen, which are all categorized as explicit. The girls can dance and get ready for anything they like. The first song “Break My Soul,” with Robin S. and Big Freedia, was released on June 20th, 2013. On the 20th of July, exactly one month later, the complete track listing of the 16 tracks was made public. To honor my grandmother’s home, I’ve chosen “Plastic Off the Sofa,” which you can claim below.

Who’s Credited on Renaissance?

On July 21, after discovering the track-by-track credits on the album’s Apple Music profile, fans dug up a list of the album’s credited composers. A few of the artists whose work can be heard on the album are Donna Summer, James Brown, Giorgio Moroder, Teena Marie, Kilo Ali, and Moi Renee to name a few. Among the other names on the credits are The Dream and Honey Dijon, as well as Nile Rodgers and Skrillex, as well as Raphael Saadiq, and Big Freedia. Sabrina Claudio, whose alleged racist remarks came back to haunt her in 2018, was apparently screened by Beyonce for Me Too-related charges of abuse and harassment.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance

Who’s Featured on Renaissance?

A stop-motion video of the album’s vinyl edition was posted on Beyonce’s social media on July 22. Beyoncé and Rihanna have been influenced by Grace Jones in the past, yet she refused to cooperate with any of them when they approached her for a songwriting partnership. “Move” features Terms, while “Energy” features Beem. As far as I can tell, Jones hasn’t changed his mind. In any case, let’s hope these collaborations feature some sort of visual component!

What Will Renaissance Sound Like?

According to British Vogue, Beyonce’s new song is “soaring” and evokes memories of clubbing in one’s youth in its July cover story. Editor-in-chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful once said, “I want to stand up and start throwing moves. I’m not sure whether it’s a sound, but I’m guessing we’re in for some disco-y music here. Maybe a sequel to “Blow”? When else are we allowed to daydream?

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As far as genre is concerned, the new album is listed on the Apple Music website for the album as “pop”. Even if we don’t get rapper Beyoncé, “Partition” Beyoncé, and “Savage” Beyoncé, I may still be naïve and believe that we’ll also get Beyonce. You can rap, Ms. Knowles-Carter, and the North wants to hear you do so on your next record, which we hope you’ll do. It was also suggested by the Beyhive community that the instrumentals used in Ivy Park commercials could be from her upcoming album.

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