Blackpink Coachella Week 2: Jennie Turns Up The Heat It Goes Viral

BLACKPINK, a renowned South Korean girl group, wowed Coachella Week 2 audiences with an unforgettable performance. As the first female K-pop act to headline Coachella, the group etched a memorable moment in the minds of their fans. Performing for nearly two hours, they spared no effort to ensure that their audience had a great time. The quartet’s group and solo performances made their fans’ evenings unforgettable at Blackpink Coachella Week 2.


Blackpink At Coachella Week 2: A Setlist Of Old And New Classic Hits

BLACKPINK’s Coachella 2023 performance included their biggest hits as well as newer songs, much to the delight of their fans. Fans’ favorites were also included in the lineup. BLINKs delighted with their outstanding performance. The members of the group took the stage in eye-catching outfits and performed an electrifying setlist that showcased their versatility and skills. Each member had their moment to shine at the music festival, thanks to a well-balanced mix of group and solo songs. The setlist was thoughtfully crafted to include the best of both worlds – the members’ solo tracks and their chart-topping hits.

Blackpink Coachella Week 2
Blackpink Coachella Week 2

Pink Venom, Kill This Love, How You Like That, Pretty Savage, Kick It, WHISTLE, WHISTLE (Dance remix), You & Me (Jennie solo), FLOWER (Jisoo solo), Gone + On The Ground (Rosé solo), MONEY (Lisa solo), BOOMBAYAH, Lovesick Girls, BOOMBAYAH, Lovesick Girls, BOOMBAYAH, Lovesick Girls, BOOMBAYAH ENGAGING WITH FIRE, Typa Lady, TALLY, DDU-DU DDU-DU, FOREVER YOUNG, SHUT DOWN

Jennie goes viral at Coachella: Although it is nothing short of expected at this point, Jennie’s seductive dance moves and sensual looks at Coachella are currently sweeping the internet like it’s nobody’s business. The girly has decided she is not here to play, as evidenced by a change in both her wardrobe and her attitude.

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Blackpink Accomplished This Feat

Closing out the second night of the festival’s second weekend, BLACKPINK was overcome with joy, and while Jennie exclaimed, “We did it,” all four hugged each other, taking time to share their joy with each other, and simply realized that they had made history and felt happiness within themselves.

Kenji shared a Tweet praising the four group members of Blackpink. You can see the Tweet below.

BLACKPINK’s performance at Coachella Week 2 demonstrated its international appeal and popularity. Since their debut in 2016, the group has been making waves in the music industry, and their Coachella performance cemented their status as one of the most successful girl groups of all time.

BLACKPINK has won the hearts of fans all over the world with its flawless performances and chart-topping hits. The group’s Coachella performance was a celebration of their accomplishments as well as a testament to their immense talent and dedication to their craft. BLACKPINK’s Coachella Week 2 performance was a thrilling musical extravaganza that captivated the audience. The girls proved why they are one of the most popular acts in the world today with their chart-topping hits, powerful vocals, and stunning choreography. BLACKPINK’s Coachella performance will go down in history as one of the most memorable of all time, and fans will eagerly await their next musical adventure.

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