Lucifer: Who is Rory? All You Need to Know About Brianna Hildebrand’s Character

Lucifer’s sixth and final series is streaming on Netflix now. After his evil twin, Michael was defeated for the throne by Lucifer (Tom Ellis) at the end of Season 5, Lucifer was “kind of” appointed the new God of the Universe after his father’s retirement (Dennis Haysbert).

In the first few seconds of the trailer for Lucifer Season 6, viewers were introduced to Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), who said, “Wanna help me destroy Lucifer Morningstar?” Many viewers wrongly assumed she was Lucifer’s younger, troublemaking sister at first. Any relevant information can be found in Newsweek.


Who Is Rory in Lucifer Season 6?

Rory, played by Brianna Hildebrand, is a “rebellious angel” who admires Lucifer when he first appears on Earth in the December 2020 film.

Rory’s “rebellious” label is an important descriptor. Once upon a time, Lucifer himself staged an uprising in heaven against his father, which resulted in him being exiled to rule Hell for all of the time. Rory and Lucifer don’t seem to be on the same side, despite popular belief to the contrary.

No, Rory is not Lucifer’s sibling. She’s his and Chloe’s (Lauren German) future angel daughter. She informs her parents that she has returned to kill Lucifer since she is so angry at him for betraying their family.

Lucifer spends the entirety of season six pondering the reasons behind his decision to abandon Chloe and their daughter.

Brianna Hildebrand Lucifer

Rory, meantime, is having a great time on Earth, where she is getting to know her future relatives, zipping around in fast cars, chatting up attractive women, and exploring new places by flapping her wings.

However, things go awry for Rory when she is abducted by Vincent Le Mec, the man responsible for the death of Dan (Kevin Alejandro) (Rob Benedict). Rory is rescued by Chloe and Lucifer from Le Mec, but the incident has far-reaching repercussions.

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Lucifer abandoned his family because of Rory’s abduction. Le Mec, near death, tells Lucifer that Dan made it to heaven and begs to “see the light” just like Dan did. Lucifer and Chloe were both surprised to hear Dan had made it to heaven for the first time.

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Lucifer learns through Rory that Dan made it to heaven when he faced his guilt head-on. Rory and Chloe realized Lucifer’s true purpose was to help people break their hell-loops after he encouraged Dan to visit his daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) and ask for forgiveness. While he may not be able to physically transport them to paradise, he does have the ability to open their eyes to the truth.

Lucifer had an epiphany, “Hell doesn’t need a king, it needs a healer,” which sends Rory back in time. Thankfully, before she leaves, she talks to her dad about forgiving him, and he assures her that he “won’t change anything.” Unfortunately, Rory can only live in the future if Lucifer abandons Earth.

Who Is Brianna Hildebrand?

From College Station, Texas, Brianna Hildebrand is a famous American actress.

She is famous for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the Deadpool movie series, which stars Ryan Reynolds.

Hildebrand has recently been seen playing the role of Elodie Davis on Netflix’s Trinkets.

Hildebrand is well-known to fans of The Exorcist for her portrayal of Verity.

The films Runt, Playing with Fire, and Tragedy Girls are among her other credits.

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