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With the help of smart TVs and its many benefits, including smartphone connectivity, home entertainment is now more simple and convenient than it has ever been. Those who are unfamiliar with smart TV technology frequently ponder whether they may utilise it to record their preferred programmes for subsequent viewing. So, is a smart TV capable of recording?

A smart TV has a recording feature. Simply select the programme you want to record in your TV guide menu and hit the “Record” button on your smart TV remote to start recording on a smart TV. You can watch and record numerous shows concurrently using PVR/DVR recording, saving them for later watching.

This post will describe the many saving options and methods available to you as well as how to record on a smart TV. Additionally, we’ll discuss some of the most often asked topics concerning recording on a smart TV, like how many shows may be recorded at once and how long they can be stored.

Let’s get started controlling your PVR so that by the time you’ve finished reading this post, you won’t have any trouble at all!


How To Record on a Smart TV

Nowadays, almost all smart TVs have an integrated PVR (personal video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder) that lets you save, record, and store live TV programmes, series, movies, and other content. Although there is a tiny learning curve and some initial adjustment required, the process of recording on a smart TV is thankfully pretty straightforward. The procedure for recording on a smart TV will always be very similar, despite the fact that each brand’s layout, configuration, and recording method will differ significantly.

To record on your smart TV, take the following actions:

  • Press the “Guide” button on your smart TV remote after turning it on.
  • Scroll through the programme guide on your smart TV remote using the directional arrow buttons until you discover the show or programmes you want to record.
  • Press the record button on your smart TV remote to start recording the programme or programmes you selected in the guide (a large red circle).

After completing these procedures, a screen notice will tell you that the programme is being recorded. Press the “Menu” button on your smart TV remote to view the recordings you’ve made as well as the ones you have scheduled. Check the menu for anything that says PVR/DVR/Recordings after you’ve opened it. You can locate options and applications connected to recording by selecting this link. You may be able to programme an automatic pre-recording of each episode of a specific series on some smart TVs. You won’t need to choose the software manually each time it runs thanks to this.

Storage Options

To keep your recorded programmes on the TV or cloud without requiring an external storage device, every smart TV has an internal hard drive for storage or a cloud storage system. Your smart TV will ask you to erase older recordings to create place for new ones when this space is filled. You may record shows onto an external USB hard drive with many smart TVs as well.This can be especially useful for people who want to view their shows elsewhere or don’t want to give up internal storage space on their smart TV

How To Record on an External USB Hard Drive

Connect your hard drive to your smart TV’s USB port in order to record and store content there (located on the side or back of the TV). Then, using the ‘Record’ button on your smart TV remote, highlight the programme you wish to record. For the purpose of verifying that it can store your show, your smart TV will run a performance test on the storage device.

Can you record on smart tv
Can you record on smart tv

Your recording(s) will be saved on your USB drive rather than on your PVR/DVR if your smart TV finds it to be suitable. I suggest the Western Digital HDD External USB Hard Drive if you’re looking to get a top-notch USB hard drive for recording directly from your smart TV. Never buy a cheap, low-quality USB hard drive because they are more likely to become corrupt, which could result in you losing all of your saved contents. With different degrees of success, several smart TV users have tried to record and store content on USB drives.

Some USB sticks, especially the more expensive, higher-quality models, may be able to store content from your smart TV. Your smart TV might not recognise some of them. They will not be supported for recording if that is the case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart TV Recording

Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding using your smart TV to record and store programmes once we’ve taught you how to do it.

How Many Programs Can You Record at One Time?

You can schedule or record four recordings at once with PVR. Your smart TV will alert you that there are already too many scheduled recordings of programmes, and that you must cancel one of them in order to continue, if you attempt to make more than four recordings at once.

While you can only record four shows at once on PVR, you can start recording new shows right away if one ends earlier than the others do or if they end at separate times.

How Long Will Your Recorded Programs Be Stored?

PVR recordings are stored on the hard drive or in the cloud for a full year after the recording. This assumes that you haven’t already exceeded the PVR system’s hourly cap. In order to make place for future recordings that you schedule, the PVR system will automatically delete the oldest recording if your storage capacity is reached.

Different clouds and smart TVs have varying amounts of storage. Depending on how many hours of programming you’re recording and the quality of the video, the cloud’s storage allowance may change (for example, 4K recordings will take up more storage space than HD).

How Long Will Your Recorded Programs Be Stored?

A programme can be set to record as far in advance as your guide permits. You can record a programme as long as you can see it in your guide and it is on the list of regularly scheduled programmes. This implies that you might theoretically plan for programmes to be taped days or even weeks before they air.

Can Recorded Programs Be Paused/Rewinded/Fast Forwarded?

You will be able to pause, fast-forward, and rewind recorded programmes. This is highly practical because it will let you easily skip through and avoid commercial advertising.Because of this, even when they are not busy during the first airtime, many people would purposefully pre-record programmes in order to watch them without advertisements.

Can You View Other Shows While Recording?

Yes, you are allowed to record content from other channels while watching other shows. Simply set up your scheduled recording as usual to accomplish this, and then continue watching whatever other programme you like. Although this is a lot of demand, you might notice a minor slowdown in your television speed if you have four programmes recording at once and are still channel surfing in the background.

Can You Record Live Programs?

On a PVR or DVR, live programming can be recorded in the same way that you would record any other show. Rewatching sporting events, live concerts, and award shows after they have broadcast is made easy with this. Devout sports enthusiasts can examine and replay the highlights from their favourite games by recording sporting events, which is helpful if you have a specific affinity for a certain team or athlete.

Can you record on a smart tv? Conclusion

When you’re busy or won’t be home to watch live TV, smart TVs are incredibly convenient and practical because they can record shows and save them internally. Direct recording from your smart TV to an external USB hard drive is an option in addition to internal storage. You won’t ever have to miss your favourite shows again thanks to smart TV recording capabilities.

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