Carl Nassib Posted an Adorable Boyfriend Pic to His Instagram Story

For Carl Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders, it appears that a romantic relationship is developing.

Last night, the out and proud NFL player and defensive end for the Raiders, Khalil Mack, posted a sweet photo to his Instagram stories in which he can be seen cuddling up to his reputed boyfriend, Erik Gudzinas.

Nassib included Gudzinas in a photo and just labeled it with two red heart emojis, and we can’t get over how sweet they look together.

During an appearance on Raiders teammate Darren Waller’s Comeback Stories podcast in late September, the 28-year-old football player first confirmed he was in a relationship, saying that after publicly coming out during Pride Month, the only thing missing from his life was “to be someone’s number one priority.”

And it was the one thing I was like,’ man, I f*cking want that,'” Nassib remarked, before adding, “But I got that today, so it’s fine.”

Carl Nassib Instagram

Nassib answered, “Oh, I met an excellent man. ” when podcast co-host Donny Starkins pressed him for more. Truly, he is the best there is.

Internet detectives soon deduced that Gudzinas was the lucky man to win the athlete’s heart, even though he did not name Gudzinas by name. This was especially true given that Gudzinas had been sharing more super-adorable photographs of himself and Nassib on his own Instagram account.

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