Adele Divorce: When Did Both of Them Get Married?

Songs about Adele’s 2019 divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki were included in her 2021 album 30, which further cemented her reputation as the undisputed queen of heartache ballads.


Adele Divorce

Grammy winner met the organization’s founder for the first time in 2011. The two were first spotted on a date in the early months of 2012, and by the summer of that year, they had announced that they were expecting a child together. For Adele, her 2016 affair with Konecki was “the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in,” she said to Vanity Fair.

Up until Adele’s divorce filing in 2019, she rarely discussed her private life or her son Angelo. The “Oh My God” singer has been more open about her gratitude toward Konecki and her new relationship with sports agent Rich Paul after their breakup. You Can See This Kendra And Hank Divorce.

Adele and Konecki’s divorce was finalized in March 2021, two years after they first announced their separation. All paperwork collected indicated that legal and physical custody of their son would be shared equally by the two former parents. Furthermore, there would be no alimony payments made by either party.

Adele And Simon Konecki Begin Dating

Despite their efforts to keep their relationship private, Konecki revealed that the couple was dating for five years in October 2016 at a concert in Nashville, suggesting that their romance may have begun around October 2011.

Adele And Simon Konecki Vacation in California Together

The singer and her new beau were spotted on a romantic retreat to the oceanside Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California, not long after she cleaned up at the Grammys with six nominations. A source close to the pair that they went there “to have some alone time” and that the location is “extremely romantic.”

It was also about this time that Adele was said to have relocated from London to a new 25-acre estate in West Sussex, only 30 minutes from Konecki’s Brighton house. If You Want to Read More You Can See this James Hetfield Divorce.

Adele and Simon Konecki Announce First Child Together

There are now three of us! As reported by Source’s October 2012 issue, Adele and Konecki are the proud parents of a son named Angelo. They didn’t announce their baby’s name right away; it was Angelo later.

The new addition has “everyone over the moon,” the insider claimed. For the singer, this was her first child, while the businessman already had a daughter from a previous relationship. You Can Read About This Dr Dre Divorce.

Adele Opens Up About Her Amazing Relationship With Simon Konecki

Adele spoke publicly about her connection with Konecki in 2015, telling 60 Minutes Australia that “his love” inspired her work. She remarked, “Because I have his love, I’ve written about everything I’ve ever done, because I’m in such a wonderful relationship with someone who is always there for me and faithful to the core.”

Continuing, the singer said, “I know that sounds a bit like I’m trying to write a Hollywood movie, but it’s only because of him and because of our kid and stuff that I’m all right.”

Adele And Simon Konecki Merried

Adele told British Vogue in her first interview after her divorce in October 2021 that she and Konecki didn’t get married until 2018, despite calling each other “husband” during the 2017 Grammys. (The divorce papers claim that the couple got married in May of this year.)

Adele Divorce

“The timeline the press has of my relationship, my marriage, is actually entirely inaccurate,” Adele said. “When I turned 30, we tied the knot… then I went away.” She responded, “I’m not going to get into that detail,” when asked how quickly she had gone after she and the philanthropist had gotten married. Following that, the artist said “Keep in mind that this makes me feel really awkward. I feel terrible about this. It didn’t last very long at all.”

Adele continued, “I always called him my husband since we had a kid together,” despite her preference for media obscurity. She emphasised the need of keeping the media in the dark by saying, “They know nothing!” in reference to the public’s lack of information about her kid. “Not even my son’s name or birthdate are known to them. I am in a strong position. That’s fantastic.” See This Mary J Blige Divorce.

The Grammy winner has spoken publicly about her divorce from Konecki, describing it as “difficult.” She explained, “It was, but it was never really tricky because we’re such good friends. My child is getting a nasty divorce over my dead body.” You can go to for additional updates.

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