What Ali Wong Said About Estranged Husband Justin Hakuta and Marriage in Her Comedy

Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta have decided to end their eight-year marriage and get a divorce.

As reported by PEOPLE on Tuesday, a representative for Wong confirmed the news. According to PEOPLE’s insider, the split was “amicable” and the exes “will continue to co-parent lovingly.”

The comedian and Hakuta, who had previously met at a friend’s wedding celebration in 2010, were married on November 27, 2014, in San Francisco. Together, they had two daughters: Mari Hakuta in 2015 and Nikki Hakuta in 2017.

The star of Always Be My Maybe has made several jokes about Hakuta throughout the years in her stand-up performances.

Don Wong, her latest Netflix special, features her making multiple jokes about her husband and her marriage “the same as you, I was once free, but like an idiot, I begged this guy to ask me to go to prison. Unfortunately, I have been incarcerated in the prison of monogamy, and I have no idea how to break out.”


Ali Wong: Don Wong (2022)

Wong talked about wanting an affair with her spouse “every five minutes” throughout her special. She went on to say that the reason she hasn’t done it yet is that “no worthy chance has presented itself.”

Wong also discussed how, now that she is married and the mother of two, she has second thoughts about the time she put pressure on her then-boyfriend to be married.

She continued her joke by saying that she “trapped” Hakuta into getting married because she was afraid of the “uncertain” future of her comedy career. She joked that she was happy to “be on my own” now that she was successful on her own.

A divorce is in the works for Ali Wong and her husband Justin Hakuta. Wong, who was married for eight years before performing, joked about extramarital affairs throughout her act “loves to cheat on her husband but cannot afford a divorce. ” “I need my husband a lot more than he needs me,” she proclaimed.

Wong revealed toward the end of her show that her husband is a perfect match for her. To paraphrase, “I like males who look as close to Keanu Reeves as possible,” she stated, referring to her co-star in Always Be My Maybe.

Ali Wong Don Wong Divorce

Next, she began to brag about her husband’s intelligence by mentioning that Hakuta had attended Carnegie Mellon University, and Harvard Business School and was a Fulbright scholar. She joked, “He purchased low because he was smart enough to pick me, to invest in me.”

Wong quipped that her husband “doesn’t give an s—-” about what she says in her stand-up acts because “he’s too busy living the life I wanted for me,” including living in the house she bought and paying for and wearing the Rolex watch she bought for him.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife (2018)

Wong quipped on her Hard Knock Wife special that she made more money than her spouse “by a long shot.” In addition, she said her mother “is quite concerned” because she fears her husband may leave her “out of intimidation.” She broke the news to her mother that men aren’t likely to dump a woman just because she earns more than they do unless he “doesn’t like free money.”

Wong continued by saying that Hakuta’s parents made her sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding and that if the couple ever gets divorced, “their son is f——-.”

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (2016)

Wong mentioned in her special that she and Hakuta first met at a wedding and that she immediately dismissed him as being out of her league. Upon learning of his enrollment at Harvard Business School, she joked, “I’m going to trap his a—.”

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Wong revealed that she is “extremely domestic” with her husband and an entirely different person when she is not on stage. She said jokingly, “I’ve made him lunches every day for the past five years so he’d become reliant on me.”

Wong joked that she “berates” her husband every day to “chip away at his self-esteem” and keep him from leaving her for another woman.

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