Bea Benaderet Net Worth: When Did Bea Benaderet Get Divorced?

Bea Benaderet Net Worth: Bea Benaderet was an American actress and comedian. Blanche Morton, a character from the George Burns Show, is fondly remembered by viewers. The late Bea Benaderet portrayed the role. In this article, we’ll discuss Bea Benaderet’s life and legacy in detail, including her accomplishments, achievements, spouse, and tragic death.


Bea Benaderet Net Worth

Bea was in the Hollywood industry from 1940-1990. The estimated net worth of Bea Benaderet was around 18 Million US Dollars at the time of her death.

Bea Benaderet Cause Of Death

By 1963, when she played Kate Bradley in “Petticoat Junction,” Bea was officially a star. A spot was discovered on one of her lungs during a routine checkup. She noted that the spot had disappeared by the time of her subsequent appointment. Read More This James Spader Net Worth In 2023.

Yet, it reappeared and grew in size by November of 1967. Inconveniently, she was in the middle of shooting the fifth season of “Petticoat Junction,” thus she was against a hasty exploratory medical operation. After filming the fifth season was finished, Bea went in for surgery at Los Angeles’ Good Samaritan Hospital, where it was revealed that the tumor could not be removed.

Bea was treated for lung cancer with laser radiation at Stanford University Medical Center for several weeks after her diagnosis. As of January 1968, she was no longer receiving treatment. Cancer had returned, and her health was rapidly deteriorating. She returned to the hospital for the final time because of chest pains due to her illness. See This Antonio García Martinez Net Worth.

Bea was laid to rest in North Hollywood at the Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery. Bea’s husband, Eugene Twombly, died of a major heart attack at the age of 54, four days after her death and the day after her funeral. In the tomb with her was where he ended up.

Why Did Bea Benaderet Leave Petticoat Junction?

Fans of the country hotel owner from the 1963-airing sitcom “Petticoat Junction” will recall that Bea disappeared from the show without warning in 1967. The show’s producers allayed fears by saying she was “out of town.”

Bea returned to the character of Kate Bradley in 1968, but left again after only five episodes were filmed for the 1968-69 season. Read More About Adam Lambert Net Worth.

Nobody knew until now that Bea was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1967. She initially sought medical attention when she first left “Petticoat Junction,” and in February 1968, she was hospitalized again after experiencing a relapse. Read More About James Spader Net Worth 2023.

When Did Bea Benaderet Get Divorced?

Bea Benaderet Net Worth

It’s been reported that Bea Benaderet tied the knot twice. In 1958, they tied the knot for the last time with Eugene Twombly. In 1938, Bea Benaderet wed Jim Bannon. They divorced Eugene Twombly in 1958. There were 12 happy years between Bea Benaderet and Jim Bannon, and 10 happy years between her with Eugene Twombly.

When they married Jim Bannon, it lasted for a total of 12 years. Bea Benaderet and Jim Bannon separated in 1950. For more updates you can visit

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