Bluey Season 4 Release Date When is ‘bluey’ Season 3 Coming Out on Disney Plus?

Bluey, an Australian series that won an Emmy, is in huge popularity with viewers all around the world. The Bluely has aired for three seasons so far; has the show been renewed for a fourth? If that’s the case, I was wondering when we should expect to see Bluey season 4 premiere.


Will There Be a ‘bluey’ Season 4?

The rumour that Bluey might finish after season 3 and not return for a fourth season recently became widespread on social media.

The Daily Mail reports that sources have told them the show will end shortly because the voice actress behind the 6-year-old dog (whose identity has been withheld to preserve her privacy) is getting old.

According to the Daily Mail, “after four years and 130 episodes, the youthful actor’s voice has naturally matured, leaving producers with the choice to re-cast the character or — more dramatically — cancel the show.”

Bluey Season 4 Release Date

The source told the Daily Mail, “It has been one of, if not the hardest and most agonising decision the producers have had to make. Its legacy is more valued than anything else, therefore the goal is to “go out on a high note.”

According to a statement sent by the official Bluey account, however, the rumour of the show’s cancellation appears to be unfounded.

When is ‘bluey’ Season 3 Coming Out on Disney Plus?

Disney has not yet confirmed when we may expect to see Bluey season 3 on Disney+. While no specific date was revealed, Bluey’s creator did acknowledge fans’ anticipation for the next season’s arrival on Disney+. In this link, you’ll get additional information.

What is ‘Bluey’ about?

The six-year-old Blue Heeler dog, Bluey, has an inexhaustible zest for life and turns simple household activities into exciting adventures, which helps her cultivate her creativity, curiosity, and fortitude.

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Tickle Crabs, Fancy Restaurant, Rug Island, and many more of Bluey and Bingo’s inventive and entertaining activities are introduced to fans in Season 2. The season also highlights Bandit and Chilli’s connection with their girls as they continue to balance job and childcare responsibilities. Furthermore, Anthony Field, the current and original Blue Wiggle of The Wiggles, gives his voice to characters in two of the new episodes. One of these episodes, “Dance Mode,” premieres with the new season.

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