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Jennifer Siebel Newsom is Governor Newsom’s wife. Montana, Hunter, Brooklynn, and Dutch are the names of their four children.

Newsom is boldly leading California through unprecedented crises and building a better future for all of our children. Governor Newsom is a role model.

In the early days of marriage equality, gun control, and marijuana decriminalization, he became a leading voice in the national debate about these issues. All of California’s values are championed by Gavin—from civil rights and immigration to environmental protection, education and opportunity, and justice for all Californians. ”

In a political sense, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has won the lottery. He and other Democratic governors begged the federal government for help a year ago. A $98 billion surplus has been declared, and the president plans to spend it like there’s an election coming up.

In his revised $301 billion budget plan, Mr. Newsom revealed the huge surplus he had accumulated. Congress’s Covid spending and a gusher of capital-gains revenue from surging asset prices have both helped boost state coffers by 40% during the pandemic. All but Texas, Florida, and New York have budgets smaller than California’s surplus.

To help their budgets, Republican-run states are cutting taxes. No, it isn’t. Mr. Newsom intends to use his money to buy votes and fix the problems that progressive policies have caused in California.

As is customary, teachers’ unions enjoy the greatest financial gain. Even though student enrollment has decreased by 270,000 since the pandemic began, public schools will receive $128 billion, a 25 percent increase. Many parents are looking for other options because of school closures and California’s woke curriculum.’

He also wants to give each registered vehicle owner, regardless of the type of car they drive, $400. With gas prices in California topping $1.50 per gallon, he wants to minimize the political damage to Democrats caused by these high prices. Taxes and environmental regulations are the main culprits. Democrats, on the other hand, are opposed to lower gas prices because they encourage more people to purchase electric vehicles. Sending everyone a check is preferable.

In addition, the Governor wants the state to pay utility bills that have not been paid. As a result of green-energy mandates, state electricity prices have risen 13.5 percent this year and are now twice as high as in neighboring states. Mr. Newsom wants to foot the bill for some people who can’t afford to do so on their own.

Including $750 million for mass transportation agencies, he plans to offer free rides. As a result of the pandemic, more homeless people were seen on the subways and buses of Los Angeles. Many people no longer take public transportation to work because it is so filthy and dangerous.

There is a $19 billion commitment from Mr. Newsom to address the state’s escalating problems with crime and homelessness. Subsidized housing will receive the bulk of the funds, with only a small portion going toward addressing the root causes, such as mental illness, substance abuse, and lax penalties for criminals. Only $800 million will go to law enforcement.

To some extent, the Governor acknowledges that the state’s deteriorating quality of life and the rising cost of doing business are driving businesses out of the state. As a result, he proposes paying them $2 billion to get them to come home. Priority for these grants will go to businesses that relocate from states that have “enacted anti- LGBTQ+ or reproductive rights laws”—i.e., red states with lower taxes.

Gavin Newsome Personal Life
Gavin Newsome Personal Life

In 2012, Californians voted to raise the top marginal tax rate on individuals making more than $250,000 by one to three percentage points, which prompted a large number of high earners to leave the state for states with no income tax. They were also more likely to leave following the 2017 tax reform’s limit on state and local tax deductions.

It’s impossible to predict how much money the state will bring in because of California’s highly progressive tax system, which in 2019 saw the top 5% of taxpayers pay 40% of the state’s income tax. Since 1999, when the dot-com bubble burst, capital gains have accounted for a larger percentage of personal income tax revenue than at any time since.

State Legislative Analyst Office recently predicted a budget problem in 95 percent of the 10,000 scenarios it modeled, including those in which revenues rise due to constitutional spending obligations. Mr. Newsom says he’s “deeply mindful” of the risk of another revenue implosion, yet proclaimed “I’m proud of California’s progressive tax system.” Of course, he is.

This is yet another reminder that state and local governments never needed the $1 trillion or so in federal pandemic aid from Congress. The vast majority of the funds have been used to pay public unions and transfer payments that will trigger an automatic tax levy when revenues fall.

Mr. Newsom, have fun at the party. However, you should not beg for another bailout in Washington when the current one expires.

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Gavin Newsom Struggling With Dyslexia!

A typical day for the state’s most powerful politician starts around six o’clock in the morning, according to a person familiar with the situation. In his office, he is unable to concentrate on reading.
When Gov. Gavin Newsom has his headphones on and the door shut, he glances over the contents of his daily briefing binder once more. After that, a third time. A third follows.

As he circles and underlines the reports, his staff knows to give him at least two hours of uninterrupted time. He scribbles notes on yellow cards and takes them with him on the train to news conferences or speaking engagements so he can review them as he travels.

According to Newsom, the labor-intensive system aids his memory and compensates for his dyslexia. As the governor who said he didn’t feel smart until he was 35, it serves as a safety net.

If I want to feel good about my job and do well at it, I need to have faith in what I’m trying to say and how I’m trying to say it,” Newsom said. “If I don’t, my job will be stressful and I won’t enjoy it as much. As if you hadn’t gotten any shut-eye the night prior. The day is one I’d rather not spend.”

Newsom’s propensity to rattle off numbers and facts in front of the cameras can contribute to the perception that he is a self-assured and polished politician. However, it’s also a result of his childhood anxieties about his academic abilities.

By “trying to prove something to myself,” Newsom said, “I’m in a sort of perpetual state of overcompensation.”

According to the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, dyslexia affects 20% of the population and can be experienced differently by each individual.

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