John Mulaney’s Wife Anna Marie Tendler: 5 Things to Know

John Mulaney and their wife Anna Marie Tendler, who were married for six years, have announced their divorce.

In a statement following the revelation on Monday, May 10, 35-year-old Tendler said that she was “heartbroken” that her husband, John, had decided to divorce her. “I wish him the best of luck in his recovery,” I said.

“John will not have any additional comment as he continues to focus on his recuperation and getting back to work,” a spokesman for Mulaney, 38, said in a statement obtained by Us Weekly.

Tendler was immediately smitten with the ex-Saturday Night Live writer after meeting him on a trip to Massachusetts in 2010.

John rode shotgun while Anna drove a carload of guests back from Martha’s Vineyard,” the pair recalled in a statement on their wedding website years later about how they first met. While on the ride, “he did bits and pieces and killed. Even though they weren’t seeing each other at the moment, Anna was confident they’d become more than friends soon.”

Tendler and Mulaney have been dating for two years and have come up with a creative way to call each other girlfriends.

“I have my hair cut for free by my partner, who is a makeup artist and hairstylist.” In 2012, he jokingly told New York Magazine, “I would promote her here, but I completely forgot her name.”Dan Levy, a close friend of the couple, officiated their wedding ceremony in July 2014.

My gorgeous and ideal bride married me on a day that could not have been any more perfect.” Mulaney shared a photo of the newlyweds’ wedding with the words “I wish I could live it again and over again.

Petunia, the couple’s pet French bulldog, appeared in several of the couple’s social media posts. Both Mulaney and Tendler were involved in the Broadway production of Tendler’s play Oh, Hello.

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In an interview with Nylon in 2019, the makeup artist commented, “It was hands down the most fulfilling job that I did in makeup in my whole cosmetic career. For an additional year and a half, it allowed me to continue working in the makeup industry. We performed 140 Broadway shows, not counting the tour or off-Broadway appearances. To work on Broadway on something so collaborative after spending years writing novels was a blast. I’m really glad I did it.

The comedian enrolled in a treatment facility in December 2020 after 15 years of abstinence. In Pennsylvania, he completed a 60-day treatment program for alcoholism and cocaine addiction.

It was previously reported by a source that the family of the Chicago native was pleased with his decision.

One source told Us, “It was a comfort to his wife and family that he checked in.” “John made the choice. Simply put, John was overworked and underutilized. Too much time was spent in his head.”

“John has always been engaged in his sobriety,” a source said. Rehab saved his life when his relapse turned ugly. He chose to go to rehab.

Before Mulaney sought therapy for his addiction, Tendler appears to have deleted all of his social media profiles and unfollowed him on Twitter.

Mulaney’s relationship with Olivia Munn was verified by Us in the same month that the exes announced their breakup.

John Mulaney Wife

An insider told Us in June 2021 that Olivia and John were still going strong. “John admires Olivia’s intelligence and her ability to make him laugh.”

Since then, he’s talked about how his hectic year culminated in him meeting Munn and becoming a father for the first time.

Mulaney revealed on Seth Meyers’ Late Night in September 2021, “I went to rehab in September, I got out in October, and I moved out of my home from my ex-wife.” Afterward, I traveled to Los Angeles in the spring when I met and began dating Olivia, a great woman.

This is the first time in his life that Mulaney’s “very lovely” relationship with an actress has made a significant impact on his life, and he was anxious about revealing their pregnancy.

It’s been “Olivia and this baby” who have saved him from his self-destruction, he explained. Take a look at the list below for five interesting facts about Mulaney’s ex-wife

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