Kevin Costner Net Worth: American Actor, Director & Businessman

Kevin Costner Net Worth: American actor, director, and businessman Kevin Costner has an impressive resume that includes numerous film roles and accolades. His breakthrough role in Dances with Wolves opened the door to a string of commercial successes that propelled him to the ranks of the world’s highest-paid actors.


Kevin Costner Net Worth

It’s estimated that Kevin Costner, an American actor, producer, and director, is worth $250 million. Kevin was one of the highest-paid actors in the world during the 1980s and 1990s when his career was at its height. Two Oscars, two Golden Globes, one Emmy, and two SAG awards have been bestowed upon Costner over the course of his career. Must Read This Barbara Walter Net Worth

Kevin Costner Early Life

Kevin Michael Costner was born on January 18, 1955, to parents Sharon Rae and William Costner, in Lynwood, California. Costner’s father was in the utility industry, so the family moved around a lot. When he was a teenager, the family settled in Orange County, California, and he attended Villa Park High School. After meeting the legendary British actor Richard Burton, Costner decided to give acting a try after finishing his undergraduate studies.

Kevin Costner Career

The Untouchables, in which Costner starred alongside Sean Connery and was directed by Brian De Palma, was Costner’s first major film role in Hollywood. Kevin Costner directed and starred in the blockbuster film Dances with Wolves, which made him one of the world’s wealthiest directors and garnered him a slew of accolades.

The movies Bull Durham and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, both starring Morgan Freeman, and The Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston, also did well at the box office. His performance in the Clint Eastwood film A Perfect World, now widely regarded as one of Eastwood’s finest, earned him widespread critical acclaim.
Costner has branched out from the film industry to open a museum about the American West called Tatanka: The Story of the Bison. You Read About This Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

Kevin Costner Personal Life

The first of Kevin Costner’s two marriages, to Cindy Silva, began in 1978 and resulted in the birth of three children: Annie, Lily, and Joe. Their 1994 split is considered one of the most expensive in history, with Costner reportedly losing $80 million. Costner dated one of the world’s wealthiest models, Elle McPhearson, for a short time before marrying and having three children with Christine Baumgartner. Read More Angela Simmons Net Worth

Kevin Costner Whitney Houston Relationship

While filming took place in Houston, Costner served as the leader. There were high hopes for Houston’s debut film role. Therefore, he was cognizant of his worry. But he believed in her ability to succeed. Houston was just 29 years old when filming began.

She was a sharp, streetwise young lady. I thought she could handle the character, but she wasn’t sure she could handle it,” Costner recalled in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. I saw her trust in me solidify when she had to make a decision, and it has remained strong between us ever since. She’d be stunning and beautiful. “I told her that,” he said with a grin.

In addition, Costner played a major role in the soundtrack song “I Will Always Love You,” which became a huge hit for Whitney Houston and stayed at the top of the charts for a total of 14 weeks. Although the producers were hesitant, it was Costner’s idea to have Houston sing the opener a cappella.

Prior to this year’s SAG Awards, Costner told ET in a separate interview, “I don’t think we’ll ever forget when that little song came out, that she just exploded up.” When she sang the opening section a cappella, it changed the course of music forever. When a film is at its best, as I believe this one was, audiences will be moved by moments like the one in which we first saw her. Read More Keenan Cahill Net Worth

Kevin Costner Awards & Achievements

Kevin Costner Net Worth

Kevin Costner’s films have been extremely successful, earning him a slew of accolades for both his acting and directing. Accolades from the likes of the Academy Awards, the British Academy Awards, and the Golden Globes are included. Among Kevin Costner’s many accomplishments are:

In 1991, Dances with Wolves won Best Picture and Best Director at the Academy Awards.
At the National Board of Review Awards in 1991, Costner took home Best Director honors for Dances with Wolves, his second such honor.
In 1993, Costner received multiple nominations for his role in The Bodyguard at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.
For his performance in Hatfields & McCoys, Costner was awarded the 2012 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor.
To recognize his contributions to the film industry, the César Awards presented Costner with an Honorary César in 2013. Read More Stefon Diggs Net Worth

Favorite Kevin Costner Quotes

” When I played Robin Hood, I knew the great role was Alan Rickman’s, and it didn’t bother me. I always think that leading actors should be called the best-supporting actors.” – Kevin Costner

” I had a difficult time hearing my own inner voice about what I wanted to be in this life because there were all these perfect examples of what a man actually does. The notion is that he goes to college, gets married, and provides. That’s what a man does.” – Kevin Costner

” I wanted very much to do Traffic and at one point it looked like I was going to work on it. And then, of course, Catherine Zeta-Jones had her relationship with Michael Douglas and it suddenly didn’t happen.” – Kevin Costner

” We all have that burning question about what happens if we lose somebody we love, especially if we lose them tragically. We wonder what fear was going on, we wonder if we could have reached out and touched them, held their hand, looked in their eyes, been there.” – Kevin Costner

” We stand our best chance of leaving a legacy to those who want to learn, our children, by standing firm. In matters of style, hey, swing with the stream. But in matters of principle, you need to stand like a rock.” – Kevin Costner

This concludes our look at Kevin Costner’s wealth, career highlights, and starring and directing roles that have made him one of Hollywood’s most successful men. Costner has won multiple awards throughout his career, including two Oscars, two Golden Globes, and a Primetime Emmy. Due to the fact that his film career is far from over and he still makes occasional appearances, his wealth will fluctuate over time; check back for updates. You can go to for more recent information.

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