The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, a Netflix documentary about Manti Te’o, has a release date and a trailer

The second installment of Netflix’s sports-themed “Untold” docuseries, which centers on the weird catfishing deception that ensnared former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo, will be released in August.

In 2012, To led the Fighting Irish to the national championship game with a stellar individual season. The “fact” that his grandma and fiancée died on the same September day, hours apart, helped him garner attention as a Heisman Trophy contender.

The only catch was that To couldn’t have had a girlfriend because she didn’t exist. That is, not in the way he had assumed she did.

To opens up about his experience with an online girlfriend named Lennay Kekua, his growing suspicions about her true identity, and the wrath he faced once it was revealed that he was the victim of a catfishing fraud in his memoir “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist.”

To paraphrase what To says in the preview: “Something shifted in my entire reality. And now I doubt everything.”

How to view “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” and some history on the feel-good narrative that turned out to be fraud are detailed below.

Manti To Netflix documentary release date, how to watch
Release date: Tuesday, Aug. 16

How to watch: Netflix

In two parts, “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” will premiere on Netflix on August 16th. Monthly costs for Netflix range from $9.99 (basic) to $15.49 (standard) to $19.99 (premium) (premium).

Starting in late August or early September, four “Untold” documentaries, the first of which is Teo’s narrative, will be released regularly. The upcoming episodes of the series will premiere on the dates listed below.


Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist Premieres on Tuesday, August 16th

  • On August 23rd, “Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1” will air.
  • Operation Flagrant Foul, the Untold Story Airs Tuesday, August 30.
  • On September 6th, catch “Untold: The Race of the Century.”

What exactly will be discussed in “Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist”?

An important plot point in “The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist” is Te’o’s senior year of college online engagement with a woman he thought was Lennay Kekua, 22, whom he met through a mutual acquaintance. That year, he had a great year as an individual, and his success was boosted by a story that many found inspiring because of how he triumphed against hardship.

In addition, the story will cover Te’o’s reaction to finding out Kekua’s genuine identity and the aftermath of the Deadspin post that portrayed him in a negative light as a catfishing victim and contributed to turning his inspirational story into a source of derision for years.

Manti Te'o Documentary Release Date

Whether or whether Kekua was real, he had a major impact on his Heisman Trophy candidacy that year, which had negative repercussions. To was hailed as the nice guy of college football, someone whose life motto was “faith, family, football,” and not just because he was a brilliant player and the face of one of college football’s blue-blood institutions.

Two weeks after the deaths of Te’o’s grandmother and girlfriend in September, he had two great games against Michigan State and Michigan, and his tale began. The eventual runner-up for the Heisman Trophy led No. 20 Notre Dame to a 20-3 road victory over No. 10 Michigan State by recording 12 tackles, two pass breakups, and a fumble recovery. In the following week’s 13-6 victory over Michigan, he recorded two interceptions.

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When To built up even more outstanding statistics and led Notre Dame to one of its best seasons in years, his narrative became even more prominent across the country.

There was just one catch: Kekua did not die, and she never existed, at least not in the way that To remembered. Annette Santiago, Te’o’s grandmother, passed away on September 11, 2012; however, Kekua was an online identity created by Ronaiah “Naya” Tuiasosopo, who is still very much alive and is featured in the Netflix documentary.

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist’ Trailer

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