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Mick Fleetwood, a well-known British musician, is a multi-millionaire. Fleetwood Mac, the band he co-founded, has sold over 120 million records worldwide with Mick Fleetwood as a lead singer. Though most prominent band members later left, Mick was left as the sole original member and led a constantly shifting lineup of new musicians. Mick Fleetwood has had a successful solo career in addition to his work with Fleetwood Mac. Entrepreneurial endeavors include winemaking, restaurants, and more.

The net worth of Mick Fleetwood would be significantly higher if it weren’t for his decades of extravagant living and the tens of millions of dollars he lost on dubious business ventures. When he filed for bankruptcy in the late 1980s, the music industry came to a grinding halt. Stevie Nicks is worth $120 million and Lindsey Buckingham has a net worth of $100 million, so he’s not quite in the same league as the other members of Fleetwood Mac.


Early Life

On June 24th, 1947, Michael John Kells Fleetwood was born in Cornwall, England. Being that his father was a Royal Air Force pilot, the family had to travel all over the world quite frequently. In Norway, Mick learned the language after spending time in Egypt as a child. Mick struggled in school after the family returned to the UK and lived in Gloucestershire. However, he was a talented fencer and enjoyed participating in school plays as a child.

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Due to his poor academic performance, his parents decided to assist him to focus on music instead, and they bought him a drum set when he was 13 years old. At the age of 15, Mick had already dropped out of school to focus solely on his drumming career, with his parents’ full support.


Fleetwood moved to London in search of better musical opportunities after dropping out of school. To his luck, a pianist named Peter Bardens, who was looking for a drummer, lived just a few doors down the street from him. To Fleetwood’s surprise, the Cheynes’ Bardens approached him after hearing the drummer rehearsing his drums and extended an invitation to join them. Mick was a member of a wide variety of bands during the 1960s, some of which were large and others of which were little.

Mick was eventually expelled from the Bluesbreakers because of his excessive drinking. Peter Green and John McVie both left the band at this time. Fleetwood and McVie were invited to join Green’s new band, which he referred to as “Fleetwood Mac.” Fleetwood Mac had its beginnings here.

“Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac” was the band’s first album, released in 1968. It was after a tour of the US to promote their album that “Mr. Wonderful” was released and later “Man of the World.” Several new members had joined the band, and Peter Green had turned his attention to LSD. At some point, Green decided to part ways with the group as well.

In 1970, Mick Fleetwood married Jenny Boyd, a model he had been dating for a few years. Future Games” and “Bare Trees” were issued during the band’s subsequent tour of the United States. Many members of the band either departed or became disruptive at this period, and Mick had to either fire them or persuade them to work with him. After a string of commercial failures and the discovery that his wife was having an extramarital affair with another member of the band, Mick Fleetwood filed for divorce.

In 1975, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band, and it was then that they became commercially successful. That year, they released the album “Fleetwood Mac,” which was a chart-topper and went on to sell over 5 million copies. It wasn’t until the following decade that internal tensions resurfaced. As it turned out, “Rumours” was a huge hit for them in 1977.

Around this time, Fleetwood began an affair with Stevie Nicks while also trying to mend his marriage to Jenny Boyd and provide a secure home for his two children. With “Tusk,” the band’s third album, their stage presence began to decline. Fleetwood Mac’s heyday had come to an end, and Mick had moved on to a variety of solo endeavors and collaborations with other musicians.

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Due to Lindsey Buckingham’s lawsuit in October 2018, we uncovered some of the financial details of Fleetwood Mac’s current line-up. Former bandmates sued Buckingham after he was dropped off the band’s 2018-2019 Live Nation tour. Each member of the band would receive $200,000 per show over 60 shows, totaling $12 million, according to the provisions of their contract with Live Nation, according to the lawsuit. The total could rise to $14 million, depending on the number of people that show up and future dates added. The lawsuit was resolved for an unknown sum three months later. In a statement, Buckingham said

Mick Fleetwood Net Worth

“Something has been approved by all of us. It’s good enough for me. The knife isn’t being twisted at all. I’m attempting to approach this situation with some degree of empathy and discernment.”

Live Nation Earnings

Fleetwood Mac filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 in 1984. Approximately $2.5 million in assets and $3.7 million in debt were shown in his financial statement at the time. A court-appointed trustee was entrusted with selling all of Mick’s possessions to pay off his creditors after a hearing. During this time, the court sold Mick’s Malibu property for $2.2 million and began receiving Mick’s BMI earnings.

Mick made these investments under the assumption that his earnings would remain stable. Other Fleetwood Mac musicians found success on their own, but Mick’s earnings remained stagnant. His yearly earnings were $350,000 in 1982 and $255,000 in 1983. In addition, he lost every penny he put into an oil and gas enterprise that went bust. To top things off, he was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars by tiny businesses like guitar stores and animal hospitals.

Immediately after hearing about Mick’s bankruptcy, some fans started donating money to him, while others said that his bankruptcy was a calculated ploy to maximize profits from his impending album releases. Mick was in exactly the opposite circumstance as most celebrities who get into this kind of trouble because they’re heeding terrible advice from financial advisors. His financial advisors had been urging him to slow down on the property purchases, but he wouldn’t budge. The current wealth of Micks indicates that he overcame this minor setback.

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