Nascar Driver Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Shares ‘classic’ Family Photo With Giant Lobster

Even though Kyle Busch of NASCAR won the 2015 Loudon Lobster trophy, Samantha, his wife, only remembers the stink of the celebrations that day.

With the caption “A classic,” 36-year-old Samantha shared an old photo of Kyle at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway with her 7-year-old son Brexton proudly holding his trophy — a live lobster.

After Kyle’s victory in the 5-Hour Energy 301, this picture was shot. If you win, you’ll get your hands on a lobster that’s typically 18 to 22 pounds in weight.

The tradition began in 1990 when Makris Lobster & Steak House initiated a week-long quest for the largest lobster to give to the winner of the race at the newly opened track.

Taxidermists preserve “pre-cooked” shells by stuffing and painting them, while some winners boil and eat their prized meat. It’s not the only way to display the lobster.

Smell, size, and proximity to infant Brexton were enough to make Samantha grimace, despite Samantha’s pride in her husband.

Samantha told TODAY’s Parents that she didn’t know the lobster was alive. “It had a foul odor and huge claws. Inevitably, I made a face and it was captured on camera.”You can notice how large the lobster appears in comparison with Brexton’s head since she had him turn away from it.

“We’re not sure,” Kyle told NBC Sports if a request made by the Bushes led to the lobster being returned to the water. For laughs, Samantha periodically shares the photo.

Nascar Kyle Busch Wife

After several failed attempts at conception via in vitro fertilization (IVF), the couple had their first child, a daughter named Lennix Key, in May. Fight Infertility, Samantha’s 2021 book, chronicled their pregnancy quest.

They had a surrogate deliver their daughter in May. I can’t wait to see our tiny little peanut with her crazy head of hair and big brother waiting for her at home. Samantha posted a message to her Instagram account.

Brexton, who is seven years older than his parents, is just as excited.TODAY Parents spoke with Samantha, who described her son as “helpful and hands-on.” “When she comes around, he can’t get enough of her. Having a big brother has given him more freedom and responsibility.”

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