Documentary to Blur Nicco Montano Nudity After She Felt ‘exploited’ by Scene Left in Film

The makers of a documentary on Nicco Montano’s career have listened to her request to edit out a scene in which her naked body is seen.

Montano was caught on camera while dieting for her fight against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 228 in 2018, and filmmaker Landon Dyksterhouse has revealed that he will obscure the sequence in the film.

Dyksterhouse said in a statement first published on My MMA, “Nicco was afforded every opportunity to see the tape and flag anything unpleasant and didn’t flag anything, nonetheless, we respect Nicco and have willingly gone forward and will take steps to obscure the sequence.” We support the film and apologize for the trouble it has created.

The mission of Warrior Spirit’s release and subsequent updates has been to “shine a light” on ways to better the lives of UFC fighters in areas such as weight-cutting protocol, fighter pay, health insurance, and more.

Recently, Montano appeared on The Fighter vs. The Writer and spoke out against the inclusion of the sequence.

While Montano hasn’t seen the documentary yet, she disapproves of any nudity included in the trailers. Despite being the first Native American to win the UFC championship, she said it had nothing to do with the true tale of her career.

From what I’ve heard, it’s a fantastic documentary that’s picking up all sorts of accolades, as Montano himself put it. “But merely the fact that the documentary discusses the UFC’s exploitation of fighters as well as the government’s role in the extermination of Native Americans. What they’re saying is just so hypocritical, considering how clearly I am being used here.

Nicco Montano Documentary

“I never said it was OK for me to be exposed on film, and when I asked about removing it, they just responded, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s a good film, everyone likes how impactful it is.'” OK, so you’re trying to change the subject. Still, I have no interest in having this documentary made public, as it will not bring me any financial gain. Equal to nothing.

Initially, Dyksterhouse defended the nudity in the film, claiming that Montano’s exposure during a rigorous weight reduction for her first championship defense was “certainly part of the narrative arc” of the story.

For future screenings of the documentary, it now appears that the material will be edited to obscure any instances of nudity.

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