Rumbleverse Release Date: When Can I Play Rumbleverse?

On Tuesday, Epic Games and developer Iron Galaxy Studios revealed that the free-to-play, pro-wrestling-inspired battle royale brawler Rumbleverse would be closing in February. Closed-loop play will end on February 28th, around six months after the game’s first release.

Iron Galaxy promised that the next weeks will be used to honor players’ “competitive spirit,” which they had brought to the game. “There will be additional live streams to play some games with the creators and allow them to draw back the curtain and show some behind-the-scenes moments from the creative process that constructed this metropolis,” the developers said.


Rumbleverse Release Date

Rumbleverse, created by Iron Galaxy Studios, is a melee-combat oriented brawling Battle Royale experience that will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on August 11, 2022, at 7 am PT/10 am ET/2 pm UTC/3 pm BST/4 pm CEST.

Oceania gamers can start playing the game on August 12 at midnight. AEST, or 2 a.m. NZST. Release dates for Rumbleverse are synchronized across all platforms, but remember that Epic Games Store has a unique PC release. You Ca See This It Ends With Us Movie Release Date.

Rumbleverse Is It Ending

Closed-loop play will end on February 28th, around six months after the game’s first release. But the truth is that it all comes to an end by the end of February. If you bought a Battle Pass or Brawlla Bills in-game, you can get your money back on any platform you played on. Iron Galaxy promised that they would soon publish a frequently asked questions page detailing return policies.

In a more personal open letter to the Rumbleverse player community, Iron Galaxy said, “It is our genuine wish that this news does not spell the end of rumbleverse.” The Rumble may not have been fully revealed to you just yet. We hope you’ll be laced up and ready to take your spot in the cannon if we ever get people back on the deck of the battle barge again. Read More About This Pam And Tommy Netflix Release Date.

Has It Waned in Popularity?

The Rumbleverse is a melee-focused take on the traditional “battle royale” format. Gamers stocked up on buffs, power-ups, and other goodies before venturing into Grapital City, a sprawling map with multiple destinations. Suplexes were used to throw enemies out of high buildings or into the water below.

Unfortunately for Rumbleverse and other battle royale games, the game’s lack of popularity on Twitch may have been the final nail in its coffin. On the same day, Electronic Arts said it was canceling two of its mobile games: Apex Legends Mobile (which was released in May 2022) and Battlefield Mobile (which was revealed in April 2021).

Rumbleverse Release Date

Originally revealed at The Game Awards 2021, Rumbleverse has its early access release date pushed back to January 2022 so that developer Iron Galaxy could improve the game’s stability and performance. On August 11, it was released formally for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. See This Undisputed Boxing Game Xbox Release Date.

Although an international rating for a Nintendo Switch version was completed earlier this month, it appears doubtful that this version will see a release at this time.

Established in 2008, Iron Galaxy is well known for its games Divekick (2013) and Extinction (2018), as well as its work on Seasons 2 and 3 of Killer Instinct for Xbox Game Studios. For More Updates You Can Visit On

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