Street Fighter 6 Release Date Speculation, Leaks, and More

Do you want to know when Street Fighter 6 will be released? At Sony’s State of Play presentation, we finally had a chance to see some Street Fighter 6 gameplay in action. Even while the absence of playable content outside of Versus mode pleased the majority of the game’s high-level players, casual users were left wanting more.

To avoid making the same mistakes again, Capcom has spent a lot of time designing Street Fighter 6. The single-player story mode allows players to take control of a unique fighter and go on an adventure around the metropolis where the game is set in. A release date for Street Fighter 6 hasn’t been established yet, but it’s evident that this fighting game is in a decent place at this time.


Street Fighter 6 Release Date Speculation

On PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, Street Fighter 6 is expected for release in 2023. If the current state of the game is any indication, we estimate the Street Fighter 6 release date to be before the third quarter of 2023.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode

Early this month, Capcom released an announcement teaser for Street Fighter 6 featuring various Metro City sites, such as Abigail’s Scrap Yard, the metro system, and a local gym full of fighters. Allows users to explore Metro City as if it were an open-world game.

Players can “carve out your [their] own legend” on the streets in World Tour mode, according to the Street Fighter 6 blog. We also know that the hooded character seen prominently in the trailer can be outfitted with multiple costumes from the Battle Hub.

To wrap things off, a fight breaks out between the main character and an unknown foe, switching to the typical battle view. There are no distinguishing characteristics that would indicate that a stranger is a genuine person; instead, they appear to be a creation of the game’s designers. We may witness some side-scrolling beat ’em action for the first time in the Street Fighter series when Capcom launches the World Tour mode.

Street Fighter 6 has been confirmed to take place after Street Fighter 3: Third Strike via Capcom’s official Twitter account, making it the first time in over 20 years that a game has progressed the story.

Street Fighter 6 Release Date

Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub and Roster Leak

Battle Hub is where players interact and communicate with each other in Street Fighter 6. It appears that Capcom has teased a few surprises with this locale, which was briefly shown off in the announcement trailer. The Body Shop, which appears to be an in-game store where players can purchase apparel for their avatars, was also shown to us in the trailer.

Maximilian Dood, a well-known fighting game YouTuber, examined high-resolution screenshots of the Battle Hub and discovered several upcoming characters and arcade machines modeled by the Street Fighter series. In Street Fighter 6, Cammy faces Guile in a picture from the Battle Hub. It was only a few days after this finding that Guile was made public.

However, there is some suspicion that older Street Fighter games may be available in this area based on the appearance of the arcade cabinets. The ‘Game Center,’ where the arcade cabinets are located, appears to have steps running up to it from the Battle Hub. Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo cabinets are also available to stoke the fire.

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The ‘Event Counter,’ a section dedicated to tournament play, is also available. A closer look at the Event Counter logo reveals a tournament bracket with the names of new and returning characters from Street Fighter. Check out our Street Fighter 6 roster guide to see who has been confirmed so far.

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