The West Wing Season 7: Wing Cancellation Is Not a Surprise

The West Wing Season 7: The West Wing, which aired on NBC for seven seasons, proved that weekly television drama set in the political realm could be compelling. With stellar turns from actors like John Spencer and Allison Janney, the show chronicled the lives of the fictional top officials in the fictional Bartlet administration. In its first season, The West Wing established itself as a show with a distinct visual style and a reputation for sharp, rapid-fire dialogue.

The West Wing provided many people with their first glimpse inside the government. The show avoided scandal-based storylines in favor of attempting to dramatize the back-and-forth of political negotiations. The West Wing had an award-winning cast and production, but the show was canceled in 2006 for a number of reasons.


Which Some Say Sealed The West Wing Fate

Initial viewership decline for The West Wing coincided with the departure of series creator Aaron Sorkin, who had written the bulk of the show’s snappy dialogue. Sorkin’s schedule suffered as a result of the demands of writing each episode of a dialogue-heavy drama. After being arrested for mushroom possession, Sorkin decided to leave The West Wing after its fourth season. The show’s fifth season dipped in ratings and popularity without his signature writing style. May you read also Stranger Things Season 5

After NBC announced that the seventh season would air on Sunday nights instead of Wednesdays, the show’s already dwindling ratings took a nosedive. The West Wing’s viewership plummeted by 30 percent after the show’s schedule was shuffled around. The West Wing may have been doomed from the start, as the first two episodes of the season had the lowest ratings in the show’s history. See This Fleishman Is In Trouble Season 2

The West Wing Reached a Natural Conclusion With Season 7

Both the show’s writers’ strike and its falling ratings hurt The West Wing, but the cancellation came at a time that made the most dramatic sense for the show’s plot. After covering both of President Bartlet’s terms in office, Season 7 of the show saw Matthew Santos take over the presidency (played by Jimmy Smits). The West Wing was concluded on a high note, as the fictional government smoothly passed the torch to Bartlet’s successor. Read More Slow Horses Season 3

The West Wing Season 7

The West Wing was doomed to fail after Sorkin left because it was dependent on his writing style. The show’s success over several seasons is a testament to the passion of its viewers and the professionalism of its actors, who earned the admiration of the show’s audience. But the cancellation of The West Wing after Season 7 shouldn’t have come as a shock, given that the show’s seven seasons had run their course and that the United States Constitution limits presidents to two terms in office. You can check out for more recent developments.

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