Wildcats: The 10 Most Powerful Members Ranked

These are the most potent characters in the Wildcats comic book series, which Jim Lee and Brandon Choi created.

Due to its status as one of Image Comics’ first ongoing series, Wildcats (or Wild C.A.T.S. if you’re being snarky) has a special place in the annals of comics’ past. They shot to fame thanks to a Playmates cartoon and toy line, but their popularity has waned since the ’90s.

It’s too bad, because the Wildcats are fairly awesome, and they’re now part of the massive DC Universe. Not nearly enough attention is paid to the ten most influential players on the squad, so let’s examine why that is.



Savant is the daughter of longtime Wildcats member Zealot and ex-member Mister Majestic, although she has nowhere near their strength. Her Kherubim physiology gives her an advantage in combat due to her increased strength, endurance, and stamina.

Savant’s mother became a fighter with the Coda, but Savant chose a different path in life as an archaeologist. She almost reminded me of Indiana Jones, which is so rare it’s not even funny.


Tao, an abbreviation for “Tactical Augmented Organism,” was an artificial intelligence produced in a lab. After the Wildcats reformatted in the early 2000s, he joined them and has since contributed his superhuman intelligence, predictive thinking, and tactical analyses to their struggle against aliens and criminals.

However, Tao proved to be too astute for a nice person, and he defected to the Syndicate, where he occasionally used his mental superiority to…well, control the Wildcats.


Jeremy Stone, or Maul, is the Wildcats’ bruiser, as he is on every great comic book team. He’s not a Darth, but he takes things seriously enough. Not gamma radiation, but his Kherubim heritage, is responsible for his enormous size and striking coloration.

The extraterrestrial is not only extremely intelligent, but also possesses extraordinary levels of strength, stamina, and durability. Maul’s ability to control his size and density is a cool trick. Maul has always been a vital cog in the team’s machinery, and his skulls have always been busy.


Although Grifter may have been welcomed onto the team as the resident badass with guns, he is quite complex. Cole Cash has a wide range of superhuman talents thanks to his exposure to the same Gen-Factor that gave rise to the Gen-13 crew.

Grifters can manipulate minds, conjure illusions, take to the air, and use telepathy and telekinesis (amongst many other things). The fact that he can heal extremely quickly just adds to his resistance to harm.


In the first issue of Wildcats, we meet Voodoo, an exotic dancer whose appearance was designed to be consistently alluring. But the strength of The Sight would dwarf her dancing skills.

Priscilla Kitaen was gifted with the ability to see into the hearts and minds of others by her possession of The Sight. Voodoo can read minds, give them a mental blow, and even create illusions with her mind power. However, that is not where her cover name came from. No, Voodoo is capable of genuine voodoo thanks to instruction from a real voodoo priestess who goes by the term Voodoo Priestess.

Lord Emp

Many decades ago, following a fight with the evil Daemonites, the alien Kherubim were forced to crash land on Earth, and their commander, Lord Emp, became a prisoner here. Though short in stature, he packed quite a punch. Along with the rest of the Wildcats, Emp had superhuman levels of strength, stamina, and durability.

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Emp was also a superb telepath and telekinetic because of his psychokinetic abilities. In addition to all of this (which is never enough), his alien ancestry made him practically immortal.


Spartan is a powerful robot that carries the memories of a Kherubim warrior, making him somewhat like the offspring of Vision and Cyclops. Some of Spartan’s memories didn’t make the transition, and he was still learning the ropes, but he was still the team’s undisputed leader and a major force right out of the gate.

Aside from normal human strengths like strength, stamina, and agility, Spartan’s most notable quality is his ability to unleash devastating energy blasts. He can fly, increased senses, and has the ability to generate stealth and force fields. He, like Emp, lives forever. If Spartan’s present body is destroyed, his consciousness can be uploaded into a new one.

Wildcats Characters


Zealot, one of Jim Lee’s most awesome creations and the winner of the character most likely to crossover with G.I. Joe, possesses all the qualities of her present and previous colleagues. She’s tough as nails and a dab hand with a blade. She can’t die, can detect things you can’t, and can’t catch whatever you have.

The fact that Zealot is also a sorcerer sets her apart from other powerful women. During one fascinating century of her lengthy life, Zealot studied under the sorceress Tapestry as an apprentice. With her magical ability, she can create entrances, have conversations in your dreams, and otherwise make your life a living misery.

Mister Majestic

Mister Majestic, as one of the most potent Kherubim imprisoned on Earth and the ex-lover of Zealot (and hence the father of Savant), is a major player in both the Wildstorm and DC canons.

Although all Wildcats have the aforementioned qualities, Mister Majestic has one more going for him: he is immune to the effects of magic. This gives him a slight edge over Zealot and Voodoo. In addition to his Superman-like abilities like freeze breath and energy vision, he can also fly, read minds, manipulate matter at will, etc.

Even after all this time, Void is still among the Wildcats’ most intriguing and potent characters. After a silver sphere collided with her spacecraft, Russian cosmonaut Adrianna bonded with it and took on the cosmic abilities of Omnia, Mistress of Light.

These abilities were beyond unfathomable. The crew relied heavily on her teleportation abilities early on (as shown on one of the coolest covers of all time, Wild C.A.T.S. #2), but her abilities eventually grew to include clairvoyance, time travel, and the capacity to manipulate energy on a quantum level, among other things. All of this added up to making Void a celestial entity.

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