How Old Is Bruce Willis Wife And When Did The Couple Get Married?

Emma Heming Willis works as a model, mother, and carer. Emma Heming Willis, Bruce Willis’ wife, will always be by his side.

Willis, 68, married model Emma Heming Willis, 44, in 2009, who took the actor’s surname. This was the actress’s second marriage. Willis and Demi Moore have three daughters and were married from 1987 to 2000.

Heming Willis spent a lot of time in the fashion industry. She was a model in her twenties. Heming Willis has turned her attention to her daughters, Mabel and Evelyn, and, more recently, her husband, who has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Heming Willis revealed on their 14th wedding anniversary how “hard” it was to be his carer after receiving a bouquet from one of her friends on their special day. In this post, we’ll tell you How old are bruce willis wife and many more things about her.


How old Is Bruce Wills’s Wife

Emma Heming Willis was born On June 18, 1978, which makes her 44 years old in 2023. She is a Maltese-born American model. She was born in London to a British father and an Indo-Guyanese mother and spent her childhood in London and California.

In 2009, Emma Heming Willis married Bruce Willis in the Turks and Caicos Islands. A 23-year age gap separates Bruce and Emma. The couple is the parents of two children.

Emma Heming Willis has walked the runways for Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, and many other high-end fashion houses.

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Emma Heming Was Born In Malta

 She was born in Malta to a Guyanese mother and an English father. According to Heming Willis’ official website,

She described the European island nation as “small but beautiful” and stated that she lived there until her parents divorced.

How Old Is Bruce Willis Wife
How Old Is Bruce Willis Wife

Under her mother’s supervision, she stated that they first relocated to London to be closer to her mother’s side of the family before settling in Southern California, where she completed her education.

“My mother has been the ultimate guide in my life — she is the rock I cherish, respect, and admire,” Heming Willis wrote on the website.

Heming Willis Was Once A Model

Heming Willis began her modeling career in the early 1990s when she won a London competition called “The British Elle Supermodel.” According to her website, 
She then began walking the runways for well-known fashion houses such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, and others.

Good Morning America, A page on Twitter posted a video of the couple together. You can see the Tweet below

Heming Willis eventually got into acting, and in 2001, she made her acting debut in “Perfume” and “Entourage,” before moving on to larger roles in films like “Perfect Stranger.”

When Did The Couple Get Married?

Heming Willis and Willis’ love story began in 2007 when they met at their mutual trainer’s gym.

“When we first met, I was surprised at how charming and funny he was — and extremely handsome,” Heming Willis told People in a joint interview. “That was my first thought when I saw you.”

“I was already in love with her,” said the “Pulp Fiction” actor.

After meeting on the red carpet at the premiere of Willis’ 2008 film “Flawless,” the couple married in 2009 at their home in Turks and Caicos.

Willis Has Two Children With Heming

Mabel, the former model’s first child with Willis, was born in 2012. They grew their family in 2014 when Heming Willis gave birth to their second daughter, Evelyn.

Heming Willis uses Instagram to share videos of her children growing up. She posted a cute video of Mabel and Willis dancing to an altered version of Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” in July 2022. In May of that year, she posted a few videos of her family at Disneyland.

“I think eating food and playing with my kids is my job these days. I forget that I have a job from time to time,” Willis told People in 2020. “It’s much more fun to hang out with the kids.”

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Heming Willis Is The Company’s Founder

Heming Willis founded the CocoBaba natural skincare line in 2016. According to the company’s website, she started it after giving birth to her two daughters and using coconut oil on her skin to avoid stretch marks.

“Becoming a mom is the most beautiful, exhausting, exhilarating, and puffy experience we’ll ever know,” she said on the website. “In all of that, it’s hard to make time to be anything else. I made CocoBaba so every mom can feel mothered.”

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