Who Is Jason Oppenheim Girlfriend? The Woman Who Stole His Heart

With the premiere of a brand-new season of Selling Sunset, the Oppenheim Group is back on our screens. As usual, the Selling Sunset cast is full of drama, with Christine Quinn leaving the building and new OG girls Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young joining. In addition, Chrishell Stause recently wed the artist G Flip, and Jason, 45, has a new girlfriend, the model Marie-Lou, who is 25 years old.

Jason’s girlfriend will debut in episode 3 of the upcoming season of Selling Sunset when Jason introduces her to the girls. Who is Marie-Lou, and how long has she been d*tingthe CEO of the Oppenheim Group? Read on for all the necessary information about Jason Oppenheim’s Girlfriend.


Wsho Is Jason Oppenheim Girlfriend?

Marie-Lou Nuerk is 25 years old a German model, and brand influencer. She resides in Paris but is active in the United States and Germany. In July of 2022, while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece, Nuerk met Jason Oppenheim. Jason and his twin brother Brett were on vacation at the time. When asked how they met, Jason stated, “I liked that she hadn’t seen the show, so she didn’t know who I was or about my relationship with Chrishell.”

She even posts Jason on her Instagram, which has 51.8k followers when writing this post.


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Marie-Lou and Jason debuted red carpet in August 2022 at the premiere of Day Shift on Netflix. Before his relationship with Marie-Lou, Jason dated Chrishell Stause, his co-star and employee. The end of season 5 marked the end of their relationship, as Jason’s refusal to have children was a non-negotiable for Chrishell.

Since his new relationship, Jason has changed his heart, stating, “I’m more open to being a husband than I am a father right now. I like the idea that there’s no pressure or thought about having a child with Lou, so it just makes it easy for us.” Marie-Lou states in season 6 that she does not want children until she is in her late 30s, giving the couple ample time before starting a family.

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Jason Oppenheim And Marie-lou Remain A Couple?

Things appear to be going well for Jason and Marie-Lou. Marie-Lou met Jason’s parents and celebrated the new year in Australia with Brett and a few other friends. Jason told US Weekly, “She’s met mom and dad, and that went really well. I met my dad a couple of months ago. I met my mom on Thanksgiving. I’ve just met her mom over FaceTime, but many times. And her grandpa. So I feel like I know her family at this point.”

Jason Oppenheim Girlfriend
Jason Oppenheim Girlfriend

Oppenheim added that their relationship has been “awesome” while traveling the world together. “I went from like fully single and not thinking that I was gonna be in a relationship for years to being like in a full head over heels, you know, living together a relationship, like, at a snap of a finger,.” He explained.

Conclusion: The current partner of Jason Oppenheim, CEO of the Oppenheim Group, is the German model Marie-Lou Nuerk. They began d*ting in July 2022 after meeting in July 2022. They have traveled together and met each other’s families; their relationship is thriving. They are enthusiastic about their shared future.

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