Keith Urban Plastic Surgery: Did He Try To Change His Facial Appearance?

For years, fans have speculated whether Keith Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, have had facial plastic surgery. The speculation started in 2015, but it really heated up when the couple appeared at the Country Music Awards. According to Life and Style, fans thought the famous couple resembled a couple of wax figures from the Hollywood Wax Museum.

The debate resurfaced following the 2021 Academy of Country Music Awards. As one fan put it, “Keith Urban has been locked up for some extremely creepy plastic surgery. Wow.” While he is a well-known and well-liked country music star, his changing appearance has become the only thing on which fans can focus.

So, Urban underwent plastic surgery? Urban and Kidman are rumored to be Botox fans, but have they gotten any more work done? Fortunately, Dr. Samir Pancholi, a Las Vegas-based plastic surgeon, provided The List with an exclusive perspective on the Urban frozen face mystery. In this post, we gonna talk about if he had plastic surgery or not keep reading to find out details.


Keith Urban Underwent Plastic Surgery?

Keith Urban has recently made headlines due to rumors about his plastic surgery procedures. According to reports, the actress has had a facelift and Botox injections to keep her youthful appearance. This became clear following his appearance on television, where he appeared noticeably different from his previous self.

Many people have compared Keith’s before and after photos and noticed that his skin appears stretched and smooth, with no wrinkles or signs of aging. Botox injections are commonly used to achieve such results. Keith also had a facelift to achieve a non-sagging face, which is commonly used to make people appear younger than their actual age.

Keith Urban Plastic Surgery
Keith Urban Plastic Surgery

There are also rumors that Keith had dental surgery to correct the position of his teeth, which were not an asset in his previous photographs. Although Keith has not publicly addressed these rumors, it is clear that his appearance has changed significantly.

Below we have given a youtube video about Keith Urban Plastic Surgery, from the channel (Nikki Swift). You can check out the video.

While some fans are disappointed that Keith hasn’t addressed the rumors, it’s worth noting that his plastic surgery procedures have yielded no negative results. In fact, his plastic surgeon did an excellent job, as Keith appears to be much younger than his wife and to be aging gracefully.

Keith Urban’s plastic surgery rumors continue to pique people’s interest on the internet. While it is impossible to confirm whether or not these rumors are true, there are several signs that Keith has had cosmetic procedures to keep his youthful appearance.

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Board-certified Plastic Surgeons Examined Urban’s Face.

Dr. Pancholi of Pancholi Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada, provided an exclusive perspective on Urban’s plastic surgery controversy. Dr. Pancholi explained why fans are so critical of Urban’s frozen appearance

“Celebrities are under intense pressure to maintain a visual standard of perfection and youthfulness. However, the ‘frozen face’ look for a man in his mid-50s is simply unnatural.” He added, “When a celebrity’s appearance is not deemed age-appropriate, it invites criticism from fans. It is likely that Keith utilizes Botox injections in his forehead and around his eyes to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as filler in his brow, tear troughs, and jawline to reduce age-induced changes.”

“He also appears to have undergone some sort of skin tightening (radio frequency, laser skin resurfacing, or chemical peel) around his eyes to further smooth his skin,” Dr. Pancholi added.

Dr. Pancholi, in his expert opinion, believes Urban “has most likely had Botox injections in his forehead, the placement of which has caused his brows to spread out and droop. “I believe he has received approximately the appropriate amount of facial filler,” he continued, “which is why critics have claimed his face appears overly wide and flat.

Keith may also have had a little too much filler in his tear troughs, making his eyes appear smaller than they are.”

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