Who is Mimi Morris? What is the Net Worth of Mimi Morris in 2022?

Mimi Morris is a $100 million-plus Vietnamese model, businesswoman, and social media influencer. Mimi is best known as the multimillionaire Don Morris’s wife. She made a comeback in the media recently when Bling Empire returned to Netflix and introduced Mimi Morris in the upcoming season.


Mimi Morris Early Life

Mimi Morris grew up in Vietnam, and at the height of the war, at the age of seven, she and her seven siblings and sisters were unable to flee their town for safety, spending two years living in a massive hole in the ground with no food or water, according to Netflix.

Mimi later moved to the United States, started her own business, and became a millionaire. In 1969, she earned her MBA in Finance from the University of Southern California.

Mimi Morris’s Net Worth

Mimi Morris’ net worth is estimated to be around $100 million in 2022. Mimi Morris’ new reality show gig and her better half Don Morris’ net worth total approximately $1 billion USD. Her business and moulding provide the majority of her income.

Mimi Morris Net Worth

Mimi is a successful business visionary and model who owns her own firm. Morris has remained grounded and grateful for everything she has despite her success.

Net Worth: $100 Million
Profession: Model, Entrepreneur
Age: 52
Born: N/A
Country: United States of America
Salary: $10 Million (Annual)
Last Updated 2022

Mimi Morris Biography

Mimi Morris, a Vietnamese actress, and socialite, rose to prominence after appearing on the Netflix show Bling Empire.

The show is called “real-life Crazy Rich Asians,” and it follows the glamorous lives of East Asian and East Asian-American socialites in Los Angeles. This is the show that has been dubbed “crazy rich Asians in real life.”

Water sports, skiing, private jet travel, donning head-to-toe Chanel, and collecting courtyards are just a few of the activities that the socialite enjoys in her spare time.

According to various sources, Mimi Morris was born in Vietnam in 1969. On November 9th, she will celebrate her special day. She is Vietnamese and was born under the scorpion sign.

On November 9th, she entered the world. Mimi is also of Asian descent, but she professes Christianity as her religion of choice.

Mimi Morris Career

Throughout her career, the well-known entrepreneur has also modelled for a number of corporations. Morris will appear in Bling Empire on Netflix in April 2022. The popular show follows wealthy Asian and Asian American thrill-seekers as they party, dress up, and dramatise their lives in Los Angeles. Dorothy Wang, a newcomer to Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, joins her in the cast and will be introduced on the season premiere on May 13.

Mimi Morris Personal Life

Mimi has been married to Donald E. Morris, the CEO of Morris Group International and a businessman, for ten years and has been with him for twenty years. The couple has three children, the youngest of whom is Skyler, an eight-year-old who appears on Bling Empire.

Morris progressed from living on an empty lot to owning an $8.8 million mansion. According to reports, the couple moved into a massive $8.8 million home in the gated community of Strand at Headlands in California in 2018. Mimi and Don have been involved in a number of charitable endeavours despite being considered a wealthy couple in Los Angeles.

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