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Nastya Nass is one such rising star who has taken the internet by storm with her exceptional dancing skills and engaging content. With a global fan base and a reputation as a dance sensation, Nastya Nass’s journey is an inspiring tale of talent, dedication, and the power of social media. In this article, we explore Nastya Nass’s net worth, age, bio, career, and the factors that have contributed to her remarkable rise to fame.


Nastya Nass Childhood

Nastya Nass was born on December 5th, 1994 in Ukraine, and she was born under the sign of Sagittarius. The Instagram star, who is 28 years old and of Ukrainian heritage, is trilingual, having a command of both Ukrainian and Russian in addition to English. After finishing her high school education, she enrolled in the University of Customs and Finance in Dnipropetrovsk, which is located in Ukraine.

Nastya Nass Professional Life and Career

The job that Nass does as a fitness coach, model, and twerking instructor has earned him a significant following on social media. She has more than 1.18 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has a total of 126.8 million views across all of her videos. She has 7 million followers on Instagram.

The health and fitness fanatic started her own channel on YouTube in August of 2013. Her channel is full of videos about twerking, dancing, traveling, working out, and living a lifestyle. Additionally, she provides instructions on how to lead a vegan lifestyle on her own YouTube channel.

In January of 2016, Nass published her very first video of herself twerking on Instagram. After that, she began to win over new followers, which contributed to an explosion in her level of fame. The majority of the selfies she posts on Instagram are related to fashion and lifestyle.


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As a result of her efforts on YouTube, collaborations, sponsorship relationships, and social media advertising, Nass has earned a significant fortune. She also generates money off of her website, which sells training programs and a clothing collection consisting of lingerie, shorts, and hoodies. Her website also offers a hoodie collection.

Nastya Nass’s Family background

In contrast to how she conducts herself in her work life, Nass is very reluctant to discuss any aspect of her personal life. She has not revealed any details about her past, including her parents, her siblings, or her family history. The same may be said for her social media sites; there is no mention of her family whatsoever.

Nastya Nass Body Measurements

The twerk guru has curvaceous proportions in terms of her body dimensions. She has a height of about 5 feet and 6 inches, and her weight is approximately 63 kg. Her kind and welcoming demeanor is a perfect complement to the stunning brown eyes and golden hair she possesses.

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Nastya Nass Relationship Status

There are a lot of males who are interested in the fitness trainer since she has an engaging personality and an appealing appearance. Despite the fact that a lot of males are interested in dating her, she is already taken by the man she will spend the rest of her life with. She is in a relationship with an influential Instagram user whose username is “mytypolife.” Located in Los Angeles, her boyfriend is a cameraman, editor, director, dancer, and visual effects artist.

Nastya Nass
Nastya Nass

Mytypolife and Nass are the brains behind the ‘Nass&Typo’ YouTube channel, which they launched on January 8, 2021. On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, the couple announced their relationship to the world on Instagram. Before they admitted to having a love relationship, they spent close to a year as friends first.

What is The Networth Of Nastya Nass?

As a result of her success as an internet personality and entrepreneur, Nastya Nass has amassed quite a fortune for herself. Her YouTube channel is her primary source of revenue, but she also owns and operates a number of other businesses. As of the year 2023, it is predicted that he has a net worth ranging from $50,000 to $5 million.

Conclusion: Nastya Nass’s journey from a passionate dancer to an internet sensation showcases the power of talent, dedication, and the digital age. Her captivating dance performances, engaging content, and entrepreneurial pursuits have garnered her widespread recognition and a dedicated global following. As she continues to evolve in her career and explore new avenues, Nastya Nass’s story remains an inspiring example of how authenticity, creativity, and determination can lead to success in the modern entertainment landscape.

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