Breaking Down Carson Wentz NFL Contract: Big Numbers Big Expectations

Being drafted second overall in the NFL Draft is an incredible accomplishment. Another level of achievement is being so talented and productive in a non-traditional hotbed of talent. Such was the beginning of Carson Wentz’s professional football career — the Philadelphia Eagles drafted the signal-caller out of North Dakota State in 2016, but after an impressive first two years, Wentz’s career has been, to put it mildly, up and down.

He tore his ACL on December 10, 2017, just as he was putting up MVP-level numbers and the Eagles were preparing for a playoff run. Philly’s only Super Bowl victory was led by backup quarterback Nick Foles.

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No, without Wentz’s contributions up to that point, the team would not have been in a position to win it all. Nonetheless, the injury altered the course of his career. After two disappointing seasons with the Eagles, he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts before the 2021 season. He signed a four-year, $128 million contract there in an attempt to restart his NFL career. Wentz was later traded to the Washington Commanders during the most recent offseason because a long-term success plan was never written. So let’s talk about Nfl Carson Wentz’s Contract.


Carson Wentz Contract Details & Salary

  • Years: 4 (potential out after 2022 season)
  • Total value: $128,000,000
  • Average annual value: $32,000,000
  • Signing bonus: $16,367,683
  • Guaranteed at signing: $66,470,683
  • Total guaranteed money: $107,970,683
  • Free agency: 2025
Annual contract extension salary:
  • 2021: $21,305,882
  • 2022: $28,294,119
  • 2023: $26,176,470
  • 2024: $27,235,294

The Commanders didn’t explode out of the gate in Wentz’s first season as head coach, but he has found opportunities to be modestly productive given the overall level of talent in the nation’s capital — Ron Rivera and Co. acquired him to provide stability and boost productivity in a vertical game that featured unsung Taylor Heinicke in 2021, so expectations weren’t strictly sky-high. Even so, he lacks the consistency that made him a potential phenom in Philadelphia.

Because of the way this contract is structured, there is a possibility of an out after this season. Despite his turnover issues, Wentz is still a top-10 fantasy football quarterback as of this writing, having scored more points than both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady through their first five games. You might be interested in learning about Trent Dilfer NFL Contracts.

What Is Carson Wentz’s Net Worth?

Carson Wentz is estimated to be worth $78 million at the time of writing. The veteran National Football League quarterback amassed his fortune through his stellar performances on the field and endorsement deals off the field.  He has been in the league since 2016 when he was selected as the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nfl Carson Wentz Contract
Nfl Carson Wentz Contract

Wentz has won several awards since joining the league, including a Pro Bowl selection, a second-team All-Pro selection, and a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl LII. The former North Dakota State University quarterback reached his pinnacle in 2017 when he received all of the aforementioned honors. He has, however, remained a solid NFL starting-caliber quarterback since, guiding most of his teams to the postseason. Wentz is looking for a new team after being released by the Washington Commanders in the offseason of 2023. As we checked the net worth of Carson let’s check another NFL player Deangelo Hall’s Net Worth.

What Did Carson Wentz Get Paid In 2022?

Carson Wentz was paid a total of $28,294,119 as the Washington Commanders’ QB1 for the 2022 NFL season. After Wentz left the Indianapolis Colts, the Commanders signed him to be the veteran quarterback they needed to advance to the next level. He did not, however, perform as expected by the team, as he did not lead them to a postseason berth.

He received a base salary of $22,000,001 for his efforts and a roster bonus of $6,294,118. Wentz signed a three-year contract with the Commanders, but the team chose to release him rather than keep him for the remaining two years of his contract. Fortunately, the Commanders were only guaranteed the first year of Wentz’s contract.

Conclusion: Carson Wentz’s NFL career has been marked by both successes and failures. His performance has been hindered by injuries and inconsistency, despite an impressive start. After being traded from the Eagles to the Colts and then to the Commanders, his NFL future is uncertain. With an estimated net worth of $78 million, Wentz’s contract with the Commanders contains an opt-out clause for the conclusion of this season. The quarterback’s career remains a tale of potential and obstacles.

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