Are Pauly D and Nikki Hall Still Together? When Did Pauly D and Nikki Start Dating?

Despite a few flings here and there, Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio of Jersey Shore was single for the majority of his time on reality television. His eligible bachelor ways, however, came to an end after meeting his now-girlfriend, Nikki Hall. At least, in a way. While the world-renowned DJ and the model are still together, they’ve been through a lot as a couple.


How Did Pauly D and Nikki Meet?

Of course, on reality television! The social media influencer appeared on the first season of Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny.

Viewers could tell Pauly and Nikki had a strong connection from the start. Having said that, the father of one, who has a daughter named Amabella with ex Amanda Markert, chose not to pursue a serious relationship with Nikki at the end of season one.

When Did Pauly D and Nikki Start Dating?

They reconnected thankfully while filming season 2 of Double Shot at Love. By the season finale, Pauly D and Nikki claimed they were going to take things slowly, but by October 2020, fans noticed they were quarantining together in Las Vegas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Through this pandemic, I’ve grown myself, grew a beard, and I got a girlfriend,” Pauly told In Touch in a January 2021 interview.

“Nikki and I left Double Shot with a connection, which we rebuilt on Double Shot 2.” “It’s pretty amazing how my relationship has developed,” the Providence, Rhode Island native added. “The quarantine has been both a blessing and a curse. It took the tour away from me, but it brought my relationship with Nikki closer together.”

Pauly’s Jersey Shore roommates couldn’t believe he’d finally settled down. “I never thought I’d see the day,” Deena Cortese joked after Pauly D revealed his relationship during season 4 of JSFV via Zoom call.

Pauly D and Nikki Hall Still Together

Will Pauly D and Girlfriend Nikki Hall Get Engaged?

Mike “The Predicament” Sorrentino gushed about the couple, saying he “definitely sees” them marrying in the future. “I believe Nikki and Pauly are living their best lives,” he told In Touch in June 2022. “I really can’t tell you how their story ends or what’s going to happen in the season,” he continued, “but I can tell you that I think this year, someone’s going to get down on one knee.”

Nikki Got Into a Fight With Angelina On Jersey Shore

The brunette beauty began to appear on the show gradually over time, particularly during season 5. Nikki and Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick got into an argument during a September 2022 episode after the Staten Island native poured wine on her, resulting in a wine fight.

Pauly, on the other hand, defended his girlfriend and literally busted a door open for her.

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