Who is Samy Zayn? Net Worth, WWE Career, Wife and More

Canadian professional wrestler Rami Sebei has a contract with WWE. He is most recognized for his roles in various commercials as Sami Zayn and El Generico. He is currently a SmackDown employee. Former WWE Tag Team Champion, NXT Champion, and Intercontinental Champion Zayn.

His portrayal of himself as an unpleasant but competent star has really caught on with the audience. Zayn pushes his character to its breaking point, but he manages to keep it from going too far. Though it doesn’t keep Zayn in the serious part of things, his outspoken demeanor has definitely made people love his pranks.

As a result, he should not be taken lightly. Who is Samy Zayn? Read all the details below:


Early Career and Promotions

Like many wrestlers, Sami Zayn put in a lot of effort to get to where he is now. Before joining NXT, he worked for a number of developmental promotions, including International Wrestling Syndicate, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Chikara, and Ring of Honour.

The ‘Battery Man’ wrestled for 13 years while donning a mask; he went by El Generico. However, he removed that mask when he joined NXT. Sami Zayn had a ton of experience because he was familiar with the top promotions. Zayn went through every option, unlike most wrestlers who pick just one.


Zayn entered WWE’s developmental division with 11 years of expertise from his prior wrestling endeavors. And his talent rapidly set him apart from the competition. Zayn excelled to the point where he briefly referred to himself as “The Heart and Soul of NXT.”

Sami Zayn dedicated all of his time in his first year to winning the NXT Championship. He rose to the title from his first match in January 2013 but was dethroned. In December of that year, he finally succeeded in securing it with a victory over Neville.

After suffering a terrible loss at the hands of Kevin Owens, who would later play a significant part in Zayn’s career, “The Untouchable” lost his title after 62 days. Sami Zayn Tweeted on Dec 25, 2021:

WWE Main Roster

Sami Zayn joined the main roster and quickly rose to become one of the most well-known figures in the industry. He swiftly became up in a conflict with an old foe who stole the gold from him. Sami spent the majority of the year in a plot against Kevin Owens, whose entrance had already riled up the main roster.

Additionally, Braun Strowman and Zayn were at odds with one another. Soon after defeating Owens in their feud, the two teamed up to challenge Shane McMahon’s position of power. Sami and Owens were a great team because of their long-standing friendship in real life.

Sami Zayn would need to change brands to SmackDown in order to be acknowledged as his own performer. Now, much more carefree and irritating, Zayn was a hit with the public and excelled in advertisements.

Intercontinental Championship Reigns

WWE made the decision to recognize this vigor by bestowing the WWE Intercontinental Championship upon him. Sadly, he would not hold onto this title for very long.

Sami Zayn’s failure to successfully protect his throne during the epidemic led to the end of his reign. His spectacular career came to an abrupt end, but the narrative was far from ended.

Who is Samy Zayn?
Who is Samy Zayn?

In August 2020, “The Untouchable” made his eagerly anticipated comeback to retrieve his gold. Then-Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy was challenged to a bout by Zayn, who asserted that he had never lost his belt. AJ Styles also got involved in the contest.

Zayn triumphed, exhibited his toughness, and reclaimed the title. He lost the same championship against Big E on the SmackDown edition of December 25 almost three months later. Sami Zayn is a unique wonder, and his gimmick never gets old.

The current Intercontinental Champion attracted significant attention from the general public when he engaged in a rivalry with actor Johnny Knoxville.

Here are some posts relating to other celebrities who have got the spotlight recently:

One of this year’s best moments for fans came from the Hollywood-WWE crossover. At this year’s men’s Royal Rumble, the rivals squared up indoors, and Knoxville defeated Zayn to remove him from the competition.

Sami, however, later traveled to Knoxville to confront his old foe, Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn challenged Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship on a Friday Night SmackDown broadcast not long after his Royal Rumble match.

Eventually, on the most recent Friday Night SmackDown, Zayn won the Intercontinental Championship three times.

Sami Zayn Net Worth

Sami Zayn was born in Laval, Quebec, Canada, on July 12, 1984. His parents, who are both Canadian citizens, were born in Syria and immigrated to Canada in the 1970s. Sami Zayn, a WWE Superstar, is estimated to be worth roughly USD $2 million as of 2023, according to a number of sources.

Sami Zayn Wife

Sami Zayn is a very secretive person, hence little is known about his personal life. But it is well known that he is wed and has a son. Khadijah Sebei is his wife; she was born in Montreal, Canada.

Sami Zayn Family

The couple, Sami Zayn and Khadijah Sebei reside in Florida. They also have a son together. Sami Zayn and Khadija Sebei wed in 2018 and are currently enjoying one other’s company. Zayn has a history of keeping his family and personal life very private.

Sami Zayn House

In Quebec, Canada, where he was born, Zayn has a home. Even though he presently resides in Florida, this will make it simpler for him to regularly check in with both his family and WWE. His home’s true market value is still unknown.

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