Chris Street Death: He Was One of The Rising Star At That Time

American collegiate basketball player Christopher Michael Street (born February 2, 1972; passed away January 19, 1993). From 1990 through 1993, he was a power forward for the Iowa Hawkeyes. A player with NBA potential.


Chris Street Death

On Wednesday, it will have been 29 years since Chris Street was murdered in a car accident on the outskirts of Iowa City on January 19, 1993.

Parts of that terrible day stick out in my mind like it was yesterday, especially when I first heard on a police scanner that Street’s car may have been in an accident. If You Interested So YouCan Read About This Clarence Williams III Cause of Death.

It Took Time Due to The Lack of Social Media at That Time

Writing about my experience with Street’s death on the anniversary of his death has been therapeutic for me, a way to honor him, and has given me a unique perspective on the tragedy because of how near I was to it both physically and metaphorically.

When Street was murdered, I was covering the story for the Press-Citizen in Iowa City. In my first year as a reporter, I was in the Press-Citizen office when I heard on the police scanner about an accident that had occurred on Highway 1 near the former Highlander Inn.

Keep in mind that this was back in the days before the widespread use of the internet and social media; as a result, it took some time for the truth to emerge.

After accepting a call in the office from someone who wanted to know if it sounded like Street’s car was involved, I sped out to my car in the Press-Citizen parking lot, drove the half mile or so down Dodge Street, and parked as close to the scene of the accident as I could without being obtrusive.

After that, I went up a frozen slope and walked towards the accident scene, stopping about 20 feet away from a cluster of cars and emergency vehicles and standing there, frozen in fear and the frigid January night air. As soon as I arrived at the scene of the collision, I had a strong suspicion that Street was the victim, and my suspicions were confirmed seconds later.

The automobile Street was driving was hit by a snowplow traveling north on Highway 1 as he made a left turn from the Highlander Inn parking lot onto the highway. Even though Street’s girlfriend was able to escape the crash, they were still together when he was slain.

Once the news was confirmed, I was left feeling numb. I thought back to three days before, when Street played his final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, versus Duke. If you Want to Read More So Check out This Mark Sloan Death.

Chris Street Was One of The Rising Star At That Time

He felt like he was on top of the world, a 6-foot-8 homegrown Hawkeye living out his childhood ambition and developing into a great power forward.

The Duke faithful were won over by Street’s fiery performance that day. They were inspired by his unflagging drive and determination.

Chris Street Death

In a matter of seconds, all of that played out in my mind as I struggled to make sense of what was happening.  The youngster, whose game I had just seen from courtside seats at Cameron Indoor Stadium and whose enthusiasm and fervor had inspired me, had tragically passed away. Read More About This Cooper Noriega Cause of Death.

He Seemed In Shock, After Having Observed The Nightmare Up Close

The look of utter despair on then-Iowa coach Tom Davis’ face as he made his way to a waiting car will stay with me forever. After witnessing the nightmare firsthand, it’s understandable that he was taken aback by what he saw.

I know Davis doesn’t recall this since I’ve questioned him before, but he once grabbed my arm as he passed me and pulled me aside for a moment. It seemed as if the universe had been turned on its head and he needed a stabilizing force.

Because Street was just halfway through his junior season when he was killed, he and Davis had so much more potential to achieve together.

When I got back to the workplace, I began telling my coworkers about what I’d seen, and then I stayed up all night writing about it. I’ll never forget my coworker Bryce Miller‘s expression when we learned that Street had been murdered.

He stood up from his seat, walked down the corridor, and then stopped to wail into a wall. It was a picture that spoke up Hawkeye country back then: supporters braving the harsh realities of existence. Until his life was cut short, Street was enjoying himself to the fullest and was on the verge of becoming a star.

The street is now tied with current Iowa senior guard Jordan Bohannon for the program record of 34 consecutive made free throws, which he set before his untimely death.

In the 2018 game against Northwestern, Bohannon could have beaten Street’s record with a free throw, but he purposefully missed it. After the fact, Bohannon acknowledged Street’s ownership of the record and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to give it to him. You Can See This Arizona Swimmer Death.

Bohannon intentionally missed the free throw with under two minutes to go, cutting Iowa’s advantage to 73-65. The fact that Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery let Bohannon miss the free throw although his team was leading by only ten points demonstrates how much Street’s legacy means to Bohannon. You Can Read More Latest News at

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