Cooper Noriega Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

Cooper Noriega was a viral video celebrity and social media phenomenon in the United States. He became famous for his dance moves, lip sync videos, and dry wit. Cooper’s music is available on streaming services like Spotify, and he has a sizable fan base thanks in large part to his impressive guitar talents.


Cooper Noriega Cause of Death

Someone reportedly called 911 after finding Noriega unconscious in the parking lot of a shopping center outside of Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, paramedics reportedly came, but they were unable to save his life. Even though there were no signs of violence or foul play, an autopsy will still be conducted.

Online records from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner show that the cause of his death was initially undetermined. Unfortunately, J-14 verified that the combined effects of alprazolam, fentanyl, and lorazepam were what ultimately led to his demise.

Noriega posted a chilling message on TikTok just hours before he took his own life, asking, “Who else b thinking they gon [die] young af?” beside a photo of himself resting his head on a white cushion.

A mere four days ago, the young TikToker revealed to his followers on Instagram that he had “struggled with addiction since [he] was 9 years old.” Noriega urged his fans to join his “Discord for mental health” in the post.

You may find that hard to believe, but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt in life, he wrote at the end of the letter. I’d like to take this opportunity to establish a community devoted to education and open discussion of mental health issues. If Want to Read More Articles You Can Check This Lisa Robin Kelly Death.

Cooper Noriega’s Sister And Parents

Noriega continued by saying, “Eventually I hope to build a rehab where people aren’t traumatized at the end of their rehabilitation and where the staff members are trustworthy people.”

He went on to say, “One of the many things I’ve discovered while fighting with addiction was that surrounding yourself with negative individuals can only bring you down.” Thus, “this conflict is supposed to bring us all together and create a safe area where people may vent and help others through their bad times,” as the author puts it. You Can Read About This Mark Sloan Death.

What Did Fellow Influencers Say About Cooper Noriega’s Death?

When news of Noriega’s death spread, many of his followers and friends expressed their sorrow in the comments. Taylor Caniff said he was going to “construct this rehab in [Noriega’s] name,” while Anthony Reeves called Noriega his “best friend” in a comment.

The meteoric rise in the number of the Internet star’s TikTok followers marked the beginning of his career as an influential figure on the platform. In addition, from October 2020 through April of the following year, he had a love interest in fellow TikToker Sabrina Quesada. Quesada broke the news that they had broken up in the same month on her Instagram Stories.

Cooper Noriega Cause of Death

They had broken up, and she asked for solitude: “Hey everybody, me and Cooper are no longer together and would like some privacy during this time.” Please don’t assume anything about us because we didn’t do anything. See This Nessa Barrett Death.

The choice was made by both parties amicably. We’re still young, and life doesn’t always go as planned. I will never forget him, and he will always be my dearest friend. You can get more current information by checking out

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