Dr. Shannon Curry Husband: What Does This Have To Do With The John Deept Case?

In April 2022, psychologist Shannon Curry was initially called as a witness in the defamation action involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The identity of Dr. Shannon Curry’s husband has been public knowledge ever since the Trail. So if you’re curious about Who Is Dr. Shannon Curry’s Husband, you should read on to find out all the information.


Dr. Shannon Curry Husband: Who Is Dr. Shannon Curry?

Shannon manages a counseling service in Orange County, California, under the name Curry Psychology Group. She states that she has been working in the field of trauma, violence, and relationships for fifteen years and is an expert in research, treatment, and psychological assessments. The psychologist says they have worked in the judicial system, the military, and the general public. She also claims to help her customers “change relationships, overcome sadness and trauma, and achieve general life betterment.” You Can Check ItĀ Tyler Lepley Wife.

Who Is Dr. Shannon Curry’s Husband?

Ty is the husband of Dr. Shannon Curry. On April 12 of 2021, she tied the knot with Ty. They had a solemn ceremony at the town hall and exchanged vows in accordance with custom. In 2008, Dr. Shannon Curry and Justin Westgaard were in the spotlight because of their relationship with 17-year-old Juan Carbajal, who had a home in Peru but accepted a medical operation in the United States in exchange for a six-month stay. Dr. Shannon Curry was Juan Carbajal’s wife at the time. The couple assisted Juan in traveling to the United States for his medical surgery, which was approved. While Shannon was working as a Ph.D. mental understudy in the United States, she allowed Juan to remain with her family until he had the operation.

Dr. Shannon and Justin Westgaard are no longer living together. They began their separation sometime after 2008, albeit the specific year is unknown. You Can See If You are Interested in More Content on Alex Murdaugh Wiki.

Dr. Shannon Curry’s Instagram

The verified Instagram handle is currypsychgroup. Dr. Shannon Curry assembled a group of professionals from several fields of mental health to assist individuals, families, and couples in making positive changes in their life. In 2022, it had 28.5 thousand adherents. Dr. Curry’s dedication to social justice causes keeps her in the public eye.

The Center for Unconventional Security Affairs at the University of California has invited her to join its advisory board (CUSA). Furthermore, she is an active participant in the programming and regularly discusses issues such as poverty, sustainability, violence, and war. Dr. Curry is a psychologist who consults for a variety of clients as an independent forensic expert witness. His clients include state courts, the United States military, private lawyers, law enforcement agencies, and others. You Can Read More About ThisĀ Jack Harlow Parents.

Dr. Shannon Curry In Johnny Depp Trial

Shannon is the most fervent proponent of her own authority status in the profession. Johnny Depp hired Dr. Shannon Curry in April 2022 to help in his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, was diagnosed with borderline and histrionic personality disorders, according to Dr. Shannon’s testimony during the lawsuit trial.

Dr. Shannon Curry Husband

The doctor insisted that she was only asked about Amber Heard’s mental health, and not Johnny Depp’s. She recently made public comments accusing Amber Heard of lying about her intelligence and asserting that Amber suffers from personality issues.

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