The Race For The Truth: Citadel Episode 3 Release Date Announced!

The action thriller starring Priyanka Chopra was released worldwide on April 28. The audience well received the first two episodes of the spy series, and people are eagerly awaiting the release of the next four episodes. The eagerly anticipated series is now available on Amazon Prime Video, with the first two episodes keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The spy thriller series ‘Citadel’ has six episodes, and the audience looks forward to the next one. So let’s check Citadel Episode 3 Release Date.


Citadel Episodes Release Date

On the day of the show’s premiere a week ago, both of Citadel’s pilot episodes aired simultaneously. There are a total of six episodes included in the series. (Let’sCinema) has also Tweeted about the Citadel episode release date details. Take a look at the Citadel Episode Release Schedule to get a better idea of when the following episodes of the series will be made available to view online

  • Citadel Episode 1 and 2 Release Date: April 28, 2023
  • Citadel Episode 3 Release Date: May 5, 2023
  • Citadel Episode 4 Release Date: May 12, 2023
  • Citadel Episode 5 Release Date: May 19, 2023
  • Citadel Episode 6 Release Date: May 26, 2023

Citadel Plot

The global spy agency Citadel has been destroyed, and all of its agents’ memories have been wiped clean as part of the official plot of Citadel. Spies Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh are presumed dead after being ambushed by Manticore agents during a mission in Italy. The mission took place in Italy. After eight years, Mason, whose memory had been wiped clean, is now living a quiet life under the guise of Kyle Conroy with his wife and daughter. Manticore, a powerful syndicate, has emerged to fill the vacuum left.

Citadel Episode 3 Release Date
Citadel Episode 3 Release Date

How Many Episodes Does The Citadel Series Have?

The first two episodes of Citadel were made available on Prime Video on the 28th of April, and the remaining four episodes will be made available every week over the following weeks. Even before the first season of Citadel had been broadcast, the show’s renewal had already been decided upon, so there will inevitably be additional episodes of the series in the future.

A page on Twitter Posted about the Citadel episode’s release date. You can see the Tweet below

The series created by the Russo brothers has reportedly been renewed for a second season by The Hollywood Reporter; however, the exact number of episodes that will comprise the second season has not yet been determined. According to Deadline, the California Film Commission made the announcement earlier this April that the series had been granted tax credits worth $25 million to enable it to move production of season 2 from the United Kingdom to California. Let’s check out How Many Episodes In Mandalorian Season 3?

Conclusion: Citadel, the action-packed spy series starring Priyanka Chopra, has received a warm reception from viewers all over the world. With the first two episodes now available on Amazon Prime Video, fans eagerly await the remaining four’s release. The show has already been renewed for a second season, and production will relocate to California for the upcoming season. Citadel is a show to watch because of its exciting plot and talented cast. Don’t miss the remaining episodes to see how the story progresses!

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