Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast: Who Are Expected To Return?

Claim to Fame is quickly elevating its status as one of the most captivating reality TV programs. This is most likely a result of the competition series’ unique format, which no other series has ever used. A cast of the shows is provided below, along with the release date for Season 2, to make watching it more pleasurable and less confusing.

The popular summer series is back, so start making your predictions! This week’s task is a talent presentation, which will determine who will be eliminated from the Guess Off. Season 2 of ‘Claim To Fame’ returns with Kevin and Frankie Jonas as hosts.


Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast

‘Claim To Fame’ will change things up in season 2 and provide a fresh twist. This season, viewers will not learn the identity of the contestants until they are unmasked in the Guess Off round. Last season, viewers learned numerous cast members’ identities before being eliminated. View cast images and discover more about them as the second season progresses.


Travis claims his celebrity relative is a Critics Choice Award-winning actor, his father. We believe he is lying and that his renowned relative is actually his cousin or uncle. Mahershala Ali and Tyler James Williams are our best predictions.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast


Karsyn claims that her uncle is a well-known musician who has received a Hall of Fame induction. However, she doesn’t specify which Hall of Fame.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast


Cole claims that the famous family member is his father. He also claims that his musical “father” had received a Grammy. We believe Cole to be Alicia Keys’ sibling.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast


Carly claims her uncle, an Oscar-winning musician, is her famous relative. We believe Carly is making up for her relative being a musician. They are likely to be an Oscar-winning actor, in our opinion.
Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast


Gabriel claims that his brother is the family’s most well-known member. The brother is an athlete who has won an NAACP Award. Gabriel is probably lying when he claims that the relative is an athlete. Nick Cannon, who has won numerous NAACP awards, is a non-athlete guess.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast


Shayne, her Grammy-winning musician father, is a well-known relative. Eddie Murphy (who has two Grammys) or Janet Jackson (if she is lying about her parent) are our best guesses.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast

You might also find it interesting to learn about the following topics about the casts of previous seasons:


Jane, her dad, is a Grammy-winning musician. In our opinion, she might be one of Dolly Parton’s several nieces.


Monay claims that her father is an Olympic-caliber athlete. We believe he is actually J.B. Smoove, a non-athlete with an Emmy.


Chris believes that his musician uncle, who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, is a famous relative. Although John Mayer does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we believe that he is his uncle. He might even be Donny Osmond’s child.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Cast


Hugo claims that his well-known grandfather is an Olympic gold medalist in sports. We believe that the athlete portion is a lie. According to our best assumptions, he might be the grandson of Al Gore or Jimmy Carter.

Claim To Fame Season 2 Release Date

Claim to Fame season 2 started on Monday, June 26, at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC. The episode becomes available to stream the next day on Hulu.

Here is a tweet that Season 2 of Claim To Fame began. You can see below:

How To Watch Claim To Fame Season 2?

Claim to Fame is an ABC original series, and new episodes air live on the network alone. Those with broken connections with traditional cable/satellite TV can still watch the series when it airs via live TV streaming services such as Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. Furthermore, episodes are available for streaming the day after they air on Hulu.

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