How to Watch One Piece Movies in Release Order?

One Piece, one of the most popular manga series of all time, is an action-adventure that follows Monkey D. Luffy on his journey to becoming the next Pirate King by discovering the ultimate treasure of the famous Pirate, Gold Roger. Due to consuming Devil Fruit, the boy’s body reacts like rubber.

The anime series One Piece, which is based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga book, is full of thrilling adventures, spectacular fights, and the Straw Hat Pirates, an interesting and diverse group of animated characters.

It can be challenging to choose when and where to add the One Piece movies to your (re)watch list because there are over 1,000 episodes spread across 20 seasons (split into 10 sagas with 52 separate story arcs). This includes the series, specials, OVAs, and shorts.

We have you covered whether you’re brand-new to the One Piece universe or settling in for an epic movie marathon before the live-action series. If you’re unsure of the correct order to watch the One Piece films and episodes, consult our chronological guide…


How Many One Piece Films Exist?

How To Watch One Piece In Order?
How To Watch One Piece In Order?

You may presently view 15 One Piece full-length movies in addition to the anime series. The stories from the movies are not canon because they are unrelated to the series.

The stories, however, are based on canon characters and provide a chance to learn more about the Straw Hat Pirates movie universe as it is connected to the anime but not the other way around.

You may also watch streaming versions of the other movies by following the links that are provided further down:

How to Watch One Piece Movies in Release Order?

  • One Piece: The Movie (2000)
  • Clockwork Island Adventure (2001)
  • Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002)
  • Dead End Adventure (2003)
  • The Cursed Holy Sword (2004)
  • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)
  • Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)
  • The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta (2007)
  • Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom (2008)
  • One Piece Film: Strong World (2009)
  • Straw Hat Chase (2011)
  • One Piece Film: Z (2012)
  • One Piece Film: Gold (2016)
  • One Piece: Stampede (2019)
  • One Piece Film: Red (2022)

The Future of One Piece

One Piece (the manga) was first published by Eiichiro Oda in 1997, so these tales have been running as a weekly serial for the past 26 years. Oda has previously stated that he is just 80% done. For more details see the tweet below:

That means there will be plenty of source material to translate into upcoming sagas for many years to come, even if this fan-favorite manga run concludes as projected in 2024 or 2025. Beginning on August 31, 2023, Netflix will also begin streaming its live-action One Piece series.

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