Irina Love Is Blind Season 4: Are Zack Goytowski And She Still Together?

Is love deafeningly beautiful? Perhaps not for these two. The Love Is Blind season four pods helped Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski connect, but their first in-person meeting couldn’t have been more awkward. When the couple arrived in Mexico, things only got more dramatic—but more on that later.

Let’s first get to know Irina and Zack before delving into everything we know about their relationship and its current state. Who knows, maybe they turned things around and became one of Love Is Blind’s most successful couples! Stranger things have occurred. Stay with us to know every related to Irina love is blind season 4.


Who Exactly Are They?

Irina Solomonova, 26, is a business owner who describes her ideal match on Netflix as “driven, creative, and passionate.” Solo Collective, her Seattle-based event planning company, was founded in 2020. In one Love Is Blind-branded Instagram post, she says, “I’d tell my future partner: buckle up for the emotional roller coaster of your life.”

Irina Love Is Blind Season 4
Irina Love Is Blind Season 4

Zack Goytowski, a 31-year-old criminal defense attorney, tells Netflix he’s looking for someone who is “type A, introverted, and bookish.” (Intriguingly, none of these accurately describe Irina.) He also says his ideal partner won’t mind his habit of “arguing for fun,” which may be a red flag for some (me) and a plus for others.

The lawyer is clearly into Jiu-Jitsu and “advanced calisthenics” on Instagram.

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What Happened On The Show?

There was a lot of uproar in the pods about Zack’s feelings for Irina and Bliss, who appeared to be polar opposites. It culminated on Zack’s birthday when Bliss made cupcakes to celebrate. Irina didn’t get him a gift—in fact, she had completely forgotten it was his birthday—but she did ask Bliss if she could have some of the cupcakes to give him.

“You’re right; you do know her differently,” Bliss tells Zack after the incident. “I see her in ways that you do not. You see her in ways that I don’t. “I only see negative things.”

Zack appears to be leaning toward Bliss in the end, but at the last second, he decides to propose to Irina instead. However, the vibes are off from the moment they meet, and things only get worse in Mexico.

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She suggests they sit separately on the flight home on the last night of their vacation to have some space. Zack describes his interaction with her as “horrible,” and Irina claims that just five minutes with Paul left her more “excited” than any of her interactions with Zack.

“I believe we should call it,” Zack responds. “I don’t think it’s going to work.”

Zack then admits that he’s been thinking about Bliss throughout the vacation, to which Irina responds that she’s been thinking about Paul. “He’s with your best friend,” Zack informs her. “I literally couldn’t sleep all night,” she replied. I like him a lot.”

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Did They Tie The Knot?

Hah. The breakup between Zack and Irina appears permanent, though we suppose they could change their minds. The fifth episode, on the other hand, concludes with Zack inviting Bliss to meet and telling her, “I made the wrong choice.

We’ll see how that plays out in the next batch of episodes, which will be released on March 31. “But are they still friends?” is probably a better question. We’ll have to wait and see that as the episodes air. Keep an eye on this space.

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