All The Rock and Kevin Hart Movies: Ranked Worst To Best

What could be better than a connection where the chemistry grows stronger and stronger throughout the film? Perhaps the relationship that develops between two co-stars before they work on a movie together, might be even better than a freshly made one.

Many friendships that begin off-screen and continue on-screen have been seen; consider Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in their numerous films together, including Good Will Hunting, Dogma, Air, and a number of others, or Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels series.

But the friendship between Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the funniest relationships in contemporary cinema. Off-screen, Hart, and Johnson interact in a comedic way, joking around with one another and making amusing comments about one another.

Although Hart may be a comic, The Rock typically holds his own extremely well in their snarky quips. The two constantly crack up in the middle of a combined interview. They impersonate each other, make parodies of each other’s videos, and make impressions of each other.

Additionally, their camaraderie off-screen translates to on-screen, guaranteeing a laugh in every situation. A new film tradition and one of the best modern-day friendships on-screen is Kevin Hart and The Rock, as they stop at nothing to joke about the other. See All The Rock and Kevin Hart all movie details below.


Fast & Furious: Presents Hobbs & Shaw

Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies
Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw stars Johnson and Kevin Hart, but Hart only has a supporting role as an Air Marshal. Hart appears as an overzealous and funny man when Hobbs, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, and Shaw, played by Jason Statham, take flight on their journey to their new site.

Hart’s appearance is certainly worth it because he gets just enough screen time to still manage to make people laugh with his criticism of The Rock.

He refers to himself as the Hobbs and Shaw team’s “third squadron” and manages to make his voice seem like a cross between Statham and Johnson, which leads to even more humorous banter between the two lifelong friends.

Jumanji: The Next Level

Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies
Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies

The four original performers from the first film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, including Hart and Dwayne Johnson, reappear in the jungle for Jumanji: The Next Level as a new cast member tries to improve the Jumanji game.

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Hart and Johnson are both voiced by Danny Glover and Danny DeVito respectively this time. The laughs between Hart and Johnson are enhanced by the voice-to-body ratio, which results in an even funnier character representation.

And you know Mouse, played by Hart, wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to make fun of one of his better buddies for being a bad driver, the reason for the bird stampede coming after the four pals, when Smolder, played by The Rock, was chased down by an ostrich.

The challenges are challenging, but the pair sticks together and supports one another as they go, making this another strong chemically acting job for them.

DC League of Super Pets

Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies
Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies

It’s “walk o’clock” in the world of pets, and if there’s one thing we know about cats and dogs, it’s that they’ll go to any lengths to satisfy their needs and wants.

The collection of animal heroes in DC League of Super-Pets gives every Marvel film a run for its money, from leading normal lives at home with their owners to taking over the city streets with heroic acts to save their superhero companions from the movie’s adversaries.

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The movie stars Johnson as Krypto, the ultimate Labrador retriever who is Superman’s pet, and Kevin Hart as Ace, a super-strong boxer who becomes Batman’s pet. Due to the fact that the movie is an animated children’s movie, Hart and Johnson are able to fully express how playful they are with one another.

This is because their jokes naturally have a lighthearted tone and are comparable to those of a close friendship that began when they were children. Even though they may compete with one another, they draw on their inner loyalty to form a powerful super-dog pair as they carry on their chitchat and make fun of each other’s dog breath.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies
Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies

Four teenagers who are bored discover a mysterious video game on a console. The party begins playing Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and without warning, each player is sucked into the game’s vortex as an adμlt with superpowers.

Johnson and Kevin Hart’s characters Franklin “Mouse” Finbar and Dr. “Smolder” Xander appear alongside Jack Black and Karen Gillan somewhere in the middle of the jungle. They must start working right once to survive the increasingly dangerous circumstances.

The pair brought their customary banter to their roles, making this a humorous alchemy even if their relationship was put to the strain as Smolder the archeologist and Mouse the biologist.

Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies
Kevin Hart and the Rock Movies

Calvin Joyner, played by Kevin Hart, never could have imagined that the man with above-average muscles, twice his size, would be a buddy for life when Bob Stone, played by Dwayne Johnson, grew up being tormented at school for being overweight.

Despite attending the same school, the two were not necessarily friends. Stone did, however, remember the one occasion when Joyner stood up for him when he was made fun of in the school shower; as a result, Stone would undoubtedly find a way to contact Joyner again after graduating.

Stone was well prepared when, 20 years later, Central Intelligence sent out invitations for the high school reunion. Being a CIA agent, he learned more about Joyner’s background. Joyner was the senior who was most likely to achieve and was also the most well-liked student.

Stone was shocked to learn that Joyner was unhappy in her marriage and working a meaningless accounting job. Stone made sure to find him, using the get-together as a ruse to build a rapport with Joyner so that Stone could use the forensic accountant’s records for a case he was working on.

Stone infiltrates Joyner’s house, mind, and heart after going to MIA in the agency. Joyner, Stone’s friend who supported him in school and again after Stone got into difficulty with the CIA, ends up assisting Stone in multiple ways and eventually joins the CIA with Stone.

It’s amazing that a movie can advance to the point where a friendship like that between Kevin Hart and The Rock can be depicted through a variety of characters. Their bond is particularly funny, and whenever they interact on television, viewers usually laugh, making their work together as engaging as it possibly can be.

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