Love Is Blind Season 4 Spoilers ,Engagements, Weddings, And Break-Ups

Love Is Blind season 4 has premiered, and fans have been excitedly tuning in each Friday to watch more blind d@tes, love, and nasty drama. The blockbuster Netflix d@ting show’s Seattle finale arrived on April 14, and there’s already a lot of drama to handle.

The typical arrangement is the same: 30 individuals have d@tes through a wall in “pods” based on conversation and connection, not appearance. Until they become engaged, the contestants never meet. From there, they try to maintain their ship in the real world.

Warning: This season is full of cruel girls, tears, and premature breakups. Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back as hosts, and 15 new men and women to obsess over. What’s next? This includes spoilers.


Who Are The Main Cast Members?

In typical LIB style, the cast starts out with a big group of people who go on d@tes in the pods, but the 30 contestants are quickly cut down to just a few. People watch their relationships and what they talk about in the pods. Here are some people you should keep an eye on and pay close attention to:

  • Marshall Glaze, 27, a Seattle-based marketing manager and filmmaker.
  • Jackelina Bonds, a 27-year-old dental assistant from Washington.
  • Micah Lussier is a 27-year-old marketing manager from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Paul Peden is a 29-year-old environmental scientist and amateur chef from Seattle.
  • Chelsea Griffin, 31, a speech-language pathologist.
  • Kwame Appiah, 33, a sales development manager from Portland, Oregon.
  • Brett Brown, 36, a design director from Portland, Oregon.
  • Tiffany Pennywell, 37, is a client lead recruiter from Houston, Texas.
  • Bliss Poureetezadi, a 33-year-old senior program manager.
  • Irina Solomonova a 26-year-old business owner in Seattle.
  • Zack Goytowski, 31, a criminal defense attorney in Wenatchee, Washington.
Love Is Blind Season 4 Spoilers
Love Is Blind Season 4 Spoilers

Who Gets Engaged?

Five couples end up getting engaged out of the pods, leaping to say “Yes!” and later meet their new fiancé. Those lucky pod-squad contestants include:

  • Jackelina and Marshall
  • Micah and Paul
  • Brett and Tiffany
  • Chelsea and Kwame
  • Zack and Irina

Of course, everyone knows the real drama happens after that point when the couples have to make it work IRL… They head off to Mexico for some quality TLC together.

Who Breaks Up Before The Altar This Season?

Unfortunately, Zack, Irina, Jackie, and Marshall break up before they even get to the wedding dress fittings.

First, Zack and Irina have difficulty getting along from the start. They don’t seem very happy to be together, and they don’t touch each other at all in Mexico. So, no one should be surprised that Zack and Irina broke up pretty quickly before the end of the trip to Mexico. The conversation itself is very awkward. Let’s check out what happened to the other cast members Of Love is Blind. Who Is Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 4? Couples Who Found Lasting Love.

Zack says, “I was going to leave you on day three, but I thought that would be messed up.” “I was going to leave you right after I saw you,” Irina says. “But I stayed there and gave it a chance.” Zack ends up back with Bliss, who was his second pick.

Below we have given a tweet about Love Is Blind Season 4 Spoilers. You can see below:

Jackie and Marshall break up in the most recent shows, even though their vibe has been off the whole time. The camera then shows Jackie meeting up with one of her pod ex-boyfriends, Josh and the two seem to decide to try things out again. They don’t really show up in the rest of the episodes, but a fan saw them at a Seattle Mariners baseball game together and shared a video on TikTok, according to ET.

There’s Going To Be A Live Reunion

The show just announced that for the first time, they would have a live reunion on April 16, with couples and singles coming together. You can watch the live show on Netflix starting at 8 pm EST.

The cast will “unravel all the season’s twists and turns, share reactions to watching their stories unfold and find out which couples are still together after saying ‘I do’ and ‘I don’t,’ Also, check out what happened to the cast members of Love is Blind season 1, are they still together or not.

And Nick and Vanessa truly have no idea what will go down. That’s the beauty of a live show, folks! Want to know more about the couples on season 4 of Love Is Blind? Tune in to find out during the live reunion on April 16—it’s going to be an epic one for sure.

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