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It’s been about three years since the first season of Love Island USA aired. What have the top contestants been up to since then? The Challenge: USA premiered this summer, bringing together former contestants from various reality shows to compete in a series of games for a cash prize. On which Kyra and Cassel competed in the first season, Love Island USA is one of the shows on which many contestants have appeared.

Kyra and Cassel’s appearance on The Challenge: USA is a throwback for Love Island fans who haven’t seen them since they departed from the show in 2019. While fans can now see what they’ve been up to, many wonder what happened to the Love Island Season 1 Cast.


Jered Youngblood

Jered Youngblood, one of three new islanders to enter the game at the start of week four, was introduced during a phony blindfold game. He did well for himself, partnering with Kyra Green and making it through week four before being eliminated on Day 30, just missing the finals. Jered has been able to trade in his real estate work for modeling and spearfishing since his time on Love Island. He is currently represented by the modeling agencies ALEXA and Modern Muse, and he can be found surfing and spearfishing in Hawaii.

Kyra Green

Kyra Green, eliminated alongside Jered just before the finals of Love Island Season 1, had one of the more exciting exits. Cassel, her former Love Island partner from weeks one and two, who she shockingly re-coupled with, was waiting for her outside the villa after she was eliminated.

Love Island Season 1 Cast
Love Island Season 1 Cast

Kyra has made a name for herself since her time on Love Island, and she is now a model, influencer, and musician. She recently appeared on a DirectTV “Hot Take / Cold Take” episode and has collaborated with Puma on their new Dua Lipa shoe line. She also competed in The Challenge: USA alongside Cassel. Check the trending show Love Is Blind Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Weston Richey

Weston Richey, a day-one villa resident, dated several of the women on Love Island before settling down with Emily in week four. Unfortunately, despite making it to the finals, the two fell short, finishing as the last finals couple. Following his lengthy stint on Love Island, Weston launched his own content creation company, XclusiV Productions, in 2021. He actively works as the brand’s CEO, assisting in producing various documentaries and commercials.

Emily Salch

Emily Salch, a newcomer during week four, immediately hit it off with Weston, though there were plenty of bumps along the way, including a confrontation in which she accused him of being a player. The two made it to the finals but were unable to secure the victory. Emily has used travel to promote her personal brand since her time on the show. She is constantly documenting her travels around the world on Instagram, and she has also started an OnlyFans page to help promote her brand.

Raymond Gantt

Raymond “Ray” Gantt, a newcomer to Love Island Season 1 during week three, had his first date in the villa with Katrina. Later that week, he would marry Caro, one of Love Island’s funnier cast members.

Love Island Usa posted a Tweet on September 2, 2022, about a reunion of their cast members.

They would compete together all the way to the finals, finishing third. Since his time on Love Island, Ray has become quite the reality show veteran. He appeared on The Amazing Race alongside Caro. Their relationship ended after a while, as his recent Ex On The Beach appearance revealed Caro as one of his ex-wives.  Is it true that Kim Kardashian is going to Join the Cast Of American Horror Story Season 12?

Caroline Viehweg

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg was one of the most popular Love Island USA contestants on Instagram before settling with Ray when he entered the villa in week three. After making it to the finals, the couple would finish third. The couple has since broken up, with Caro appearing as one of Ray’s exes on Ex On The Beach, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life. She is currently a model for FashionNova and has an inspiring Instagram account for women.

Dylan Curry

Dylan Curry was the first newcomer to the Love Island villa at the end of week one, and he immediately hit it off with Alexandra. They rode their burgeoning romance all the way to the finals, where they came in second place. The San Diego, California native is currently working on his athleticism in the oceanside city. He currently plays lacrosse for the San Diego Lacrosse Club and has been working out at CrossFit TurnPoint to improve his fitness.

Stewart Alexandra

Alexandra Stewart, an original resident of the villa in season one, had a brief relationship with Michael before finding a spark with Dylan when he arrived at the end of week one. This caused her first Love Island relationship to fail.

Love Island Season 1 Cast
Love Island Season 1 Cast

She and Dylan hit it off and were able to make it all the way to the finals, where they came up just short of winning. Alexandra has maintained close ties with the reality show since her time on Love Island. She currently co-hosts After The Island, a podcast dubbed tShowunofficial after the show.” She was also recently interviewed by writer Matthew Hoffman on the official Love Island podcast.

Zac Mirabelli

Zac Mirabelli, a Chicagoan, chose Elizabeth in episode one and has never looked back. The two worked together all the way to the finals of Love Island USA, where they won the show’s first season. While Zac chose the empty envelope, Elizabeth decided to split her $100,000 winnings with him in order to bring the show to a close. Zac decided to try his hand at YouTube after winning Love Island, running a short vlog in 2020 and 2021. Since then, he has concentrated on his modeling career as a clothing model for Raffi’s luxury brand.

Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth, who was chosen by Zac in the first round of Love Island USA season 1, quickly embraced the spark and rode it all the way to the finals, where they won first place. When it came time to pick envelopes, Elizabeth took the money and eventually decided to split the winnings with Zac. While the couple is no longer together, thanks to Zac’s now-deleted Instagram story, Elizabeth maintains close ties to the reality show. She co-hosts the After Love Island podcast with Alexandra, another season 1 contestant. She also volunteers for the animal rights organization I Stand With My Pack.

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