Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend: What is His Relationship Status?

Paul Peden is one of the contestants on Love is Blind Season 4 who opted to say “no” at the altar, leaving Micah Lussier and their relationship behind. Following his decision, he revealed that he was still in love with Micah, and they reconnected after the show wrapped filming in the summer of 2022. However, their reunion didn’t last long, and when Micah returned to Arizona, Paul visited only once before they called it quits. Paul reconnected with another Love is Blind Season 4 contestant, Wendi Kong, but their connection didn’t work out either because they were too alike. Let’s see who is Paul Love Is Blind’s New Girlfriend.


Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend

According to an exclusive update given to Elite Daily, Paul is currently seeing someone from Canada, but he didn’t give any names. Although his Love is Blind love story didn’t work out, he isn’t holding onto any regrets about not getting married to Micah. According to his Netflix bio, Paul is looking for a nurturing and granola woman, and hopefully, he found what he is looking for. Although Paul and Micah’s love story didn’t end in marriage, they are still friendly exes. Recently, Micah posted a video on TikTok and Instagram featuring snippets of her and Paul’s time together, including cuddling and kissing.

Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend
Paul Love Is Blind New Girlfriend

Her caption was surprisingly sweet, and she expressed gratitude for Paul’s presence. She also said they shared something special that no one could replace, and she’ll always love him. In conclusion, while Paul Peden didn’t find his match on Love is Blind, he reconnected with Micah Lussier and Wendi Kong and is currently seeing someone from Canada. Despite their failed wedding, Paul and Micah still have a love for each other and are friendly exes.

What Is The Wedding Location For ‘Love Is Blind’?

Our season 4 couples, or nearly all of our season 4 couples, exchanged vows at North Fork Farms in Snoqualmie, Washington. The rustic 10-acre property is situated on a piece of verdant land a few miles from the renowned Snoqualmie Falls. Cheyenne Littlejohn-Fay, venue director, told NBC King 5: “One of the first things (Love Is Blind) said when they came out was, ‘When we think of Seattle, this is what comes to mind. We consider the mountains and the vegetation. That’s it.’”

Sophie Vershbow shared a Twitter post about the wedding Venue of Love is blind season 1 compared to Season 2. You can check the Tweet below

Initially, when the Love Is Blind crew inquired about the location, she believed it to be a scam…until they toured the property.

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Where Is The Season 5 Location Of ‘Love Is Blind’?

Yes, the fifth season of Love is Blind is currently in production. Love Is Blind is seeking hopeful romantics in three cities: Washington, D.C., St. Paul, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado, according to a post by Kinetic Content Casting. The advertisement solicits “single men and women who are brave, open-minded, and ready for a committed relationship.”

Coelen told Variety in 2020 that the reality dating show would eventually expand from domestic to international locations. A Brazilian adaptation debuted on October 6, 2021, followed by a Japanese spin-off on February 8, 2022. “Look, the plan is to do this in other countries eventually; it’s very international. There are numerous potential destinations,” Coelen told the outlet. “Chicago is an attractive city, as are New York, Boston, and Houston. There are so many potential destinations for us. And, as previously stated, internationally as well.”

Conclusion: Love is Blind’s Paul Peden didn’t end happily. He even found a Canadian girlfriend outside of the show. His relationships with Micah Lussier and Wendi Kong ended, but they’re still friends. Despite the show’s drama, these contestants can still form real friendships. We wish Paul luck in finding the perfect nurturing and granola woman.

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