Secret Invasion Episode 2 Release Date And Where To Watch This Series

Secret Invasion is a Disney+ original television miniseries produced by Kyle Bradstreet based on the Marvel Comics plot of the same name. It is the ninth television series created by Marvel Studios in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and it shares continuity with the franchise’s films.

It follows Nick Fury and Talos as they uncover a plot to attack Earth by a gang of shapeshifting Skrulls. Bradstreet is the lead writer, and Ali Selim is the director.

The release date and timing for Secret Invasion episode 2 have been disclosed. The following episode will be available on Disney Plus. The plot of the Skrull invasion that is threatening Earth will be continued in this episode. Here’s when the next episode will be released.


Release Date & Time for Secret Invasion Episode 2

The Secret Invasion episode 2 will be released on June 28, 2023.

Here is a tweet that Secret Invantionis now Streaming on DisneyPlus. Episode 2 releases this Wednesday. You can see below:

The release time for Secret Invasion Episode 2 is:

  • 3 AM ET
  • 8 AM BST
  • 9 AM CEST

Where To Watch Secret Invasion Episode 2

Secret Invasion episode 2 is now available on Disney Plus.

Users must do the following to watch Secret Invasion episode 2:

  1. Access Disney Plus through the website or app.
  2. Log into an existing account or create a new one.
  3. Use the search function to find “Secret Invasion.”
  4. Select “Episode 2” and hit “Play.”

It’s worth mentioning that Disney Plus includes other features such as subtitles, which can be especially handy for Marvel shows where words are spoken swiftly and intricacies are easily overlooked.

With only six episodes, Secret Invasion should move fast, detailing the Skulls’ plot to invade Earth and Nick Fury’s efforts to stop them. While there won’t be many superhero appearances, there will be plenty of high-octane action.

What Happens In Secret Invasion Episode 2?

At the end of Episode 1, Nick Fury squared off against General Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir), a violent rebel leader bent on conquering Earth for the Skrulls. Fury felt himself on the back foot for the first time in a long time.

Episode 2 will most likely pick up precisely where the first episode left off, with Fury fighting to save America and Russia from going to war. Fury’s supporters are also fading, so he’ll have to get creative if he wants to stop Gravik and his army.

Secret Invasion Episode 2 Release Date

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Is There Going To Be A Secret Invasion Season 2?

There hasn’t been any announcement on a second season of Secret Invasion. Marvel has billed the series as a “television event,” implying that it will be a one-off like WandaVision or Moon Knight.

These six episodes will most likely conclude the story of the Skrull invasion in a single swoop, but this is the MCU, so some characters and plots may continue in future projects.

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