Confronting Destiny: A Glimpse Of The Flash Season 9 Episode 13

In The Flash season 9 finale, Barry’s long-awaited battle with Cobalt Blue marked the end of his onscreen journey. The most prominent missing member of Barry’s Arrowverse rogues’ gallery finally squared off with the Scarlet Speedster, as teased in the season 8 finale. After years of speculation about Eddie Thawne becoming Cobalt Blue, the season 1 character fully transformed into the villain in the show’s final episode.

With The Flash ending after nine seasons, Cobalt Blue has firmly established himself as Barry’s final antagonist in the Arrowverse. His story marked the end of an era, as Grant Gustin’s tenure as the Flash and the Arrowverse ended.

The Flash series finale tied up the storylines of its main characters while also making room for a long list of familiar faces from throughout its long run, in addition to wrapping up the conflict with the resurrected Eddie Thawne. Here’s a rundown of what happened in the final episode of The Flash and what it means for the show’s heroes.


The Flash Season 9 Episode 13

Eddie resurrected four speedster villains from Barry’s past with the help of the Negative Speed Force: Savitar, Zoom, Godspeed, and Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse-Flash. Given how close Eobard Thawne is to the Negative Speed Force, it’s not surprising that it can bring him back. On the other hand, Zoom, Godspeed, and Savitar acquired their abilities through other means.

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It’s unclear how it restored them, but it likely concerns how Eddie Thawne was revived. It appears that resurrecting the dead is well within its capabilities. Their return didn’t directly affect Barry’s chances of defeating Cobalt Blue; Team Flash handled them for him. Despite each being a main villain from a previous season, they all died in quick one-on-one battles with a Team Flash member. Cecile defeated Godspeed, XS defeated Savitar, and Allegra dealt with the Reverse Flash.

Following their defeats, Cobalt Blue’s true motivation for bringing them back became clear. What he wanted from them, it turned out, was their speed. After being weakened by Jay Garrick, he absorbed the rate of the defeated villains, thereby strengthening himself.

How The Flash Successfully Defeated The Negative Speed Force

Cobalt Blue’s plan to draw energy from the Negative Speed Force, as Team Flash discussed, would lead to his demise, effectively repeating Reverse-Flash’s death in the season 8 finale. To avoid this outcome, Barry risked the universe’s fate to enter the Negative Speed Force. Following Khione’s advice, Barry talked Cobalt Blue out of carrying out his plan. By avoiding a fight rather than defeating Cobalt Blue

The Flash Season 9 Episode 13
The Flash Season 9 Episode 13

Khione said his battle with the Negative Speed Force would never end because it would always choose a new avatar once its current one was defeated. So, by retaining Eddie Thawne as the avatar (rather than defeating him), Barry achieved “balance” between the two Speed Forces.

The Flash Season 9 Finale Teased Eddie Thawne Future

Barry’s efforts ensured that Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Thawne would not be resurrected following The Flash season 9 finale. He’s still alive but not ready to relinquish his grudge against Barry. While he abandons his plan and claims to be “happy” for Iris at the end of their fight, he still believes that Barry “stole” his life.

Before leaving, he informed Barry that they were still on opposing sides, implying that he would continue to be a villain of the Flash in the future. He may no longer attempt to rewrite the timeline, but his words indicate their new rivalry will last beyond The Flash’s conclusion.

Why Did Caitlin Snow Return While Killer Frost Didn’t

Eddie wasn’t the only one with a second chance at life in The Flash’s four-part finale. The battle with Cobalt Blue caused Khione to ascend to a higher plane of existence and become a goddess. This change allowed Danielle Panabaker’s original Arrowverse character, Caitlin Snow, to return. Caitlin has been missing since the beginning of the season and was thought to have died offscreen, but she has returned.

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As the episode revealed, Khione’s ascension made this possible. Caitlin regained control after she left Earth because she no longer needed a physical body. Because of Khione’s departure, Caitlin could return, but Killer Frost remained dead. Caitlin admitted to Barry during their conversation that her attempts to bring Frost back were “unnatural,” which is why the finale did not reverse her death.

Caitlin’s case was different because she never indeed died and thus didn’t require resurrecting; her body was taken over and repressed by the Khione persona for months. Caitlin can rebuild her life and resume her duties as a member of Team Flash now that Khione has left.

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The Origins Of The Flash’s Three New Speedsters

Barry Allen’s final narration revealed a massive twist by showing that he decided to share his connection to the Speed Force with three more people. Barry has chosen new characters to become speedsters in Earth-Prime’s future to create a “better” world.

He says they are Jess Chambers, Max Mercury, and Avery Ho. Avery Ho first appeared in The Flash season 8 as a possible love interest for Bart Allen, but she was never seen again. The existence of Max Mercury was hinted at in season 8 when Barry saw someone named “Max” in the Speed Force. On the other hand, Jess Chambers is a brand-new addition to the Arrowverse.

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All three have ties to DC Comics. Max, who debuted in 1940 as Quicksilver, predates the Marvel hero of the same name and is considered one of DC’s oldest speedster heroes. Avery and Jess are newer characters, first appearing in 2016 as China’s version of the Flash. Jess, a multiversal version of Jesse Quick, serves as the Flash on one of the DC multiverse’s many Earths.

According to the conclusion of The Flash, all three of these characters will have opportunities to take on superhero alter egos in the future. Earth-Prime will have multiple speedsters outside of Central City to keep it safe with them on hand.

What Happens To Barry Allen After Season 9 Of The Flash?

Grant Gustin may never suit up as the Flash again unless an appearance on Superman & Lois or another DC project is arranged. Even if that doesn’t happen, The Flash season 9 has clarified that Barry Allen will continue to be the Flash on Earth-Prime. Barry will undoubtedly continue to save Central City for years to come because it’s no secret that he still holds the mantle in 2049.

Nora hints at another significant battle when Bart is born, hinting at one of his future struggles as the Flash. So, while his battle with the Negative Speed Force may be over, new threats will emerge and demand Barry’s attention long after The Flash concludes.

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