The Patient Hulu Season 2: Latest Update, Cast, Trailer

Well, things suddenly became black. Domhnall Gleeson’s character in The Patient, a limited series from the creators of The Americans, chained his therapist Steve Carell to a basement wall in an effort to make him a little less muɼderous. Just less muɼderous, not totally muɼderous.

This article discusses The Patient’s potential second season and whether or not the show will continue. There could be Season 1 spoilers in it. Sam Fortner, one of Alan Strauss’ patients who later reveals to be a serial kller, is holding Alan Strauss prisoner.

Sam’s request for Alan’s therapy is unusual: she wants him to quit wanting to kll people. On October 25, the first season finale was made available, and since then, fans have been speculating about the second. The Patient Hulu Season 2 will therefore be covered in great detail in this article.


The Patient Season 2 Release Date Updates

The Patient Hulu Season 2
The Patient Hulu Season 2

The Patient was always advertised as a limited series, so we’ll be honest right away, it doesn’t seem probable that there will be any more of the program. FX technically hasn’t canceled or renewed the program.

At the conclusion of season one, Gleeson’s Sam klled Carell’s Alan in place of his father as a sort of stand-in, and then, doing what Dexter could never do, he shackled himself to the wall in his place, protecting the world from his irrational tendencies.

In addition, you can check to see if the following shows will be renewed for additional seasons:

Without Alan, the show would just follow the ongoing exploits of a serial kller, which, although entertaining, sounds like a morally problematic notion. Producer Joel Fields put a lid on it, telling USA Today:

“We’re done after this… That’s The Patient, and we hope you enjoyed it. But we’re not done making shows, so we’re just trying to figure out what to do next.”

There has been no formal cancellation of The Patient, although it is not anticipated to return for Season 2. This is due to the fact that FX on Hulu advertised it as a limited series with just 10 episodes set.

This does not preclude a limited series from being renewed for a second season in specific circumstances. The White Lotus on HBO was a recent example of this, and The Patient is a great success. But if it were renewed, it would likely continue on the same path but with a fresh cast and plot.

The Patient Season 2 Plot

Gleeson still had some theories about what would have happened to Sam when the cameras stopped rolling even if there was no Alan and no narrative. More murders, in essence. He told Decider:

“I think slowly, he’d start convincing himself that he’s probably cured now, I don’t know that it’d last. I don’t know that delusion wouldn’t start taking over. But I do think in that moment he’s learned something really important. I just wonder without the real ongoing gift of therapy how capable he would be of sticking to it.”

According to an Instagram post, The Patient on FX is exclusively available to stream on Hulu:


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The Patient Season 2 Cast

On October 25, 2022, the 10th episode of Season 1 of The Patient aired. Season 2’s formal announcement has not yet been verified, yet. Therefore, we are unable to give you The Patient Hulu Season 2’s cast details. The actors in Patient’s First Season are:

  • Steve Carell as Alan Strauss.
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Sam Fortner.
  • Laura Niemi as Beth Strauss.
  • Andrew Leeds as Ezra Strauss.
  • Linda Emond as Candace Fortner.
  • Alex Rich as Elias.
  • Amy Handelman as Chava.
  • Renata Friedman as Shoshana Cohen.
  • David Alan Grier as Charlie Addison.
  • Gordon Tarpley as Prisoner.

The Patient Season 2 Trailer

The Patient Season 2 has not yet received an official announcement. Therefore, we are unable to offer a trailer for The Patient’s second season. You may view the trailer for the first season.

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