Will The Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023 Air On TV? Revolutionizing The Show

Vanderpump Rules (2013-), a once-beloved reality show discussed weekly by celebrities ranging from John Legend to Jennifer Lawrence, fell out of favor with many fans after its ninth season’s forced drama and staleness. When it was revealed in March 2023 that veteran Vanderpump Rules cast member Tom Sandoval had cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix, with a mutual friend (and fellow cast member) Raquel Leviss, fans had only one question: would the show ever be good again?

Throughout the show’s tenth season, fans watched how Leviss and Sandoval interacted and how other cast members reacted to their unexpected closeness. After learning about the Sandoval-Leviss affair, the May 17 season finale was shot in early March. Production resumed to capture the aftermath of the relationship in real-time. Here’s everything we know about when, where, and how to watch the Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023 take place.


Will Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023 Air On TV?

The Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion will air on Bravo on May 24, 2023, at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 8 pm Central Standard Time (CST). The reunion will be broadcast in three parts, with the following parts airing on Bravo on May 31 and June 7 at the same times as the previous parts.

Is The Vanderpump Rules Reunion Available To Watch Online?

To watch the Vanderpump Rules reunion, you don’t need a cable subscription or access to Bravo! Like all Vanderpump Rules Season 10 episodes, the three-part reunion will be available on Peacock the day after it airs on Bravo. The show is unavailable to Peacock-free users; you must subscribe to watch the new episodes. This year, Bravo will air Peacock-exclusive extended episodes called Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition, including previously unseen footage from the reunion that Bravo viewers will not see.

Bravo shared a Tweet revealing the Vanderpump Rules 2023 Reunion Airing date.

The Pumped Up Edition episodes will also include previously unseen footage from the season. Bravo has described this as a “supercharged” version of Vanderpump Rules: Secrets and revealed episodes featuring never-before-seen footage and commentary from cast members and reunion host Andy Cohen.

What Makes Vanderpump Rules 2023 Reunion Unique?

Vanderpump Rules, a 2013 documentary, follows young, attractive models/actors who work as waitstaff at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant. As the show gained popularity and the main cast gained fans, the cast’s lives on the brink of fame and glory lost their stakes. Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were fired in 2020 for racist actions against a Black former cast member. The ninth season’s forced drama lost viewers.

Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023
Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023

Leviss and Sandoval were caught cheating in early 2023. As expected, “The Scandal” has increased interest in the show, which was at an all-time low. From 2014 to March 2023, Sandoval dated former Sur bartender Ariana Madix. Leviss was Madix’s best friend and James Kennedy’s ex-fiancé. Since Season 10 was the show’s lowest-rated, Sandoval and Leviss’ alleged betrayal of Madix and Kennedy has been a hot topic. Let’s see how Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s 37-year reunion brings fans to Tears.

Who Will Appear In Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023?

The show’s main cast members were all present at the late March taping of the reunion. The following names can be listed as bullet points to make the paragraph cleaner:

  • Leviss
  • Sandoval
  • Madix
  • Scheana Shay
  • Lala Kent
  • Katie Maloney
  • James Kennedy (representing members of “Team Ariana”)
  • Vanderpump
  • Tom Schwartz
  • Charlie Burnett (recurring cast member)
  • Allie Lewber (James Kennedy’s girlfriend, first featured in Season 10)

The reunion brought together the entire main cast, allowing for discussions about various relationships and dynamics. Leviss and Sandoval took the opportunity to delve into their budding relationship, with Madix seated across from them, perhaps providing some insights. On Madix’s side of the reunion seating chart were fellow cast members Scheana Shay, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and James Kennedy, who also represented members of “Team Ariana.

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Watch The 2023 Reunion Trailer For Vanderpump Rules

The Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion trailer debuted on May 12, 2023, two weeks before the first installment of the reunion aired. The dramatic trailer focuses solely on the Sandoval-Leviss drama, with Andy Cohen asking Tom Sandoval if he is “in love” with Raquel Leviss.

Throughout the trailer, Leviss and Sandoval struggle to defend themselves and their actions while other cast members hurl insults and abuses at them. Tom Schwartz reveals that he discovered the affair in August 2022, while Lala Kent wonders if he and Sandoval had time to “get their timelines straight” before coming to the studio. Many tears are shed as cast members deal with the aftermath of this massive betrayal.

Conclusion: Vanderpump Rules, once a popular reality show, fell out of favor after its ninth season. On the other hand, the revelation that Tom Sandoval had cheated on his girlfriend Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss sparked an interest. The Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2023, starring the original cast, premieres on Bravo on May 24. Peacock also has exclusive extended episodes and never-before-seen footage for fans to watch. The trailer teases heated debates and emotional scenes surrounding the scandal. Viewers are looking forward to an entertaining reunion to discuss the season’s challenges and controversies.

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