How To Watch Futurama Season 11 Online Free?

If you’ve been watching Futurama Season 11 online for free to view the revival of the adult animation series to find out where the staff of Planet Express is now, you might be wondering how to watch Fry, Leela, and Bender after 20 years.

An animated workplace sitcom called Futurama follows the staff of Planet Express, an intergalactic transportation service. Philip J. Fry, a professional slacker who had been cryogenically stored for a thousand years before being resurrected on December 31, 2999, is the major focus of the series.

Along with a robot named Bender Bending Rodriguez and a one-eyed alien named Leela, Philip works at Planet Express. The FOX television series Futurama debuted in 1999 and ran for four years before being canceled in 2003. Comedy Central brought it back before its second cancellation in 2013.

The 11th season of Futurama premiered in 2023 after being brought back by Hulu for a second time in 2022. After Futurama’s second termination in 2013, creator Matt Groening spoke with The Los Angeles Times and discussed the sources of inspiration for the show’s characters:

 “[Executive producer] David [X. Cohen] and I talked about all the characters and worked together, My drawing style is actually pretty simple and crude±I can’t draw beautiful women, not even beautiful cyclops women—so I turned my drawings over to real artists and let them make them better, and then I took those drawings and messed with them. There’s nobody who’s really sexy on The Simpsons, but I learned that the animators could draw women in the Simpsons style who looked beautiful—which was a great surprise to me! So I wanted to see if I could create a science fiction heroine—except I wanted to mess with the fanboys, so I gave her one eye.”

He continued:

“The original Leela was far more conventionally s*xy, in cartoon form. There’s something about cartoonists and animators when it comes to drawing beautiful women they give them noses that are microscopic, and I gave her a nose more like Olive Oyl’s, more in that direction. The animators were aghast at this revolting horror character—you don’t even notice it now. You probably can’t even picture it, it’s just a nose. And then she was dressed like Ripley from the first Alien movie.”

Where can fans see the new Futurama? Find out where Fry and the rest of the Planet Express employees are right now by reading on to learn how to watch Futurama Season 11 online for free.

How to Watch Futurama Season 11 Online?

Watch Futurama Season 11 Online Free
Watch Futurama Season 11 Online Free

Hulu provides two subscription options for Futurama Season 11: a no-ads plan for $14.99 per month and an ad-supported plan for $7.99. Users may also sign up for Hulu’s ad-supported plan for $79.99 annually, saving them about $16 compared to the monthly cost.

You may also watch streaming versions of the other movies by following the links that are provided further down:

For $1.99 a month, eligible students can also join Hulu’s ad-supported plan. The Disney Bundle, which includes Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, also includes Hulu. It offers three different plans: Disney Bundle Duo Classic ($9.99/month), which includes Hulu with ads, and Disney Plus with ads.

Disney Bundle Trio Classic ($12.99/month), which includes Hulu with ads, Disney Plus with ads, and ESPN Plus with ads; and Disney Bundle Trio Premium ($19.99/month), which includes Hulu with no ads, Disney Plus with no ads.

IGN Tweeted on 19 May 2023:

Both Hulu’s ad-supported and ad-free plans come with a 30-day free trial. After the initial 30 days, the plans’ pricing will return to their previous levels. For detailed instructions on how to use Hulu’s free trial to watch Futurama Season 11 free online, continue reading.

  • Visit
  • Click “Start Your Free Trial”
  • Choose “Hulu” or “Hulu (No Ads)” as your plan
  • Enter your information and payment method
  • Start watching Futurama Season 11 with Hulu’s free trial

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