Who Is Bartise Baby Mama And Is He Living With The Mother Of His Child?

On April 8, 2023, Bartise Bowden, one of the Love is Blind season 3 contestants, posted pictures of his four-month-old son on Instagram. Aiden, Bartise’s son, was born on December 27, 2022. The Love Is Blind Season 3 alum announced on Instagram that he had his first child with an unknown woman. And, of course, fans were eager to learn who the baby’s mother was. So buckle up because we’ve got the inside scoop on Bartise’s baby mama. And, surprise, she’s not from the Netflix couple show Metaverse. In this post, we talk about Who Is Bartise Baby Mama.


Who Is Bartise Baby Mama?

According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, the baby’s mother is Olivia Gross, even though her identity was initially kept secret. Olivia is a Texas-based bartender who is 25 years old. According to a video posted on her now-private TikTok account, she did not discover she was pregnant until she was five months along.

Parker Peter (A Twitter user) shared a post on Twitter about Bartise being farther. You can see the Tweet below

There is speculation that Bartise and Olivia knew each other before Bartise participated in Perfect Match. After appearing in the third season of Love is Blind, Bartise also appeared in the first season of Perfect Match on Netflix. Bartise has become a father, but there are other people left from the cast of Love is Blind who have married and are on their way to starting a family. Let’s Find Out Who Got Married In Love Is Blind Season 4?

What Did Bartise Say On Becoming A Father

Bartise Bowden, a member of the Love is Blind season 3 cast, recently became a father. Although Bartise’s son was born in December, the former Love is Blind cast member recently announced the news on social media. On April 8, 2023, Bartise Bowden published a series of photographs with his son. Bartise wrote in the caption that he may have played a villain on television, but he would be his son’s hero. The villain remark appeared to be a jab at the hostility and criticism Bartise received after appearing on both Netflix reality couple shows. You can see that Instagram post below.


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Later, the reality star posted on Instagram stories that he had transitioned from “daddy” on-screen to “daddy” in real life. As previously stated, Aiden’s mother, Olivia Gross, is a waitress and bartender from Texas. Life & Style confirmed her identity using court documents filed by a Love is Blind season 3 cast member regarding his son. Olivia has made all of her social media accounts private since the Instagram announcement, although there is no confirmation that the couple is couple. Prior to this, she was moderately active on TikTok and posted about her son in January, when Aiden was one month old.

Who Is Bartise Baby Mama
Who Is Bartise Baby Mama

She wrote that Aiden was already rolling over and holding his head up at one-month-old. Olivia also provided an update on Aiden’s weight, stating that he now fits into his three-month-old clothing. Bartise was a Love is Blind cast member, and like him, there are many other cast members people wanna know about, So check out Who Is Still Together From Love Is Blind Season 4? 

Is Bartise Together With The Mother Of His Child?

You may wonder whether Bartise and Liv are in a relationship now that they are parents. In July 2022, when Liv discovered she was pregnant, she uploaded a TikTok video detailing her coupe life. After revealing her age (25), Snapchat BFF, and Snapchat score, she wrote that she was taken rather than unattached. Before posting the July 2022 update, she revealed her relationship status in a June 2022 update.

However, neither Liv nor Bartise posted about being in a committed relationship. Also, Liv was four months pregnant when she last updated her relationship status; she did not realize she was pregnant until the fifth month.

Conclusion: Former Love is Blind Season 3 contestant Bartise Bowden recently revealed that he has a son named Aiden. The baby’s mother is Texas bartender Olivia Gross, 25. The couple may have known each other before Bartise’s Netflix reality shows. Bartise has expressed his desire to be a hero to his son, despite criticism from fans. We wish Bartise and his family well in this new chapter.

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