Who Won Survivor 44? The Epic Finale And The Champion Revealed

Five contestants were left standing in the Survivor 44 finale, which aired on CBS on Wednesday night. But only one would be able to claim victory. Victor once more demonstrated that in the game of Survivor, having dominant social fun is more important than anything else. So let’s find out the Survivor 44 winner.


Who Won Survivor 44?

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho Won The Survivor 44. According to Yam Yam, “Words are my weapons.” The hair salon owner knew he had a gift for Gab, so he focused on building relationships and using humor to endear himself to everyone. However, he worked diligently behind the scenes as an integral member of the Tika trio that dominated the endgame.

After Yam Yam won Survivor 44, his name started to trend on Twitter, to which he Tweeted the below given Tweet.

As he advanced to the Final Three, Yam bragged about his ability to read others’ emotions to determine if they were lying to him while cracking jokes. And the man who devised a revenge plot against anyone who wrote his name down was pleased to see that it occurred again, this time receiving nearly all of the jury’s votes.

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What Happen In The Final Episode?

The episode began with a final five challenge consisting of a mammoth obstacle course and a puzzle, which played to the strengths of 3D printing puzzle expert Carson, who won immunity after his third puzzle win. This left Lauren Harpe vulnerable, and the single mother was sent to the jury after a tearful, emotional speech about how proud she was of her Survivor journey and the things she learned about herself along the way.

Heidi was the only non-Tika tribe member left in the game. And Heidi still possessed considerable tenacity. Not only did she win the final immunity challenge, but she also gave up her free pass to the final three to face Carson in the fire immunity challenge, believing she needed to bolster her résumé if she wanted to earn the jury’s respect.

Who Won Survivor 44
Who Won Survivor 44

She accomplished this feat by eliminating the greatest threat to victory, Carson, in a Survivor record of three minutes and two seconds. Nonetheless, it was insufficient to defeat Yam Yam. The Tika trio of Yam, Carolyn, and Carson did a masterful job of inciting the Soka and Ratu post-merge war while deftly playing the middle, ultimately leading to a majority alliance that assumed control of the game.

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In the end, Yam Yam’s colorful personality and superior social game prevailed, and the jury awarded him with the Sole Survivor title and the accompanying one million dollars. We have more Survivor 44 finale coverage, including our interview with the jury, the final five naming the jurors they feared in the game, and the entire cast discussing how they would have approached a last Tribal Council.

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